Saskatoon Concerts & Events: June 13 – 20, 2016

MoSoFest Music
– MoSo: Kick-Off Party with 3 Ninjasks at Louis’ Loft
– MoSo: Willie Thrasher and Linda Saddleback and Jenny Berkel at The Refinery
– MoSo: The Extroverts, Me the Guts, Deathsticks, Soul Mates and Shirley and the Pyramids at Vangelis
– MoSo: Suuns, The Avulsions and Waitress at Amigos
– MoSo: The Pack AD, The Buzzardline and Johnny 2 Fingers and the Deformities at Buds on Broadway
Mike Rud and Dean McNeill at Village Guitar
– Khalil and DJ Tay James at Saskatoon Event Centre

MoSoFest Music
MoSo Community Music Stage
MoSo Talks Keynote Day
– MoSo: Friday Happy Hour at The Hose and Hydrant
– MoSo: The Burning Hell, Minor Matter and respectfulchild at The Refinery
– MoSo: Close Talker and The Besnard Lakes at Broadway Theatre
– MoSo: Shotgun Jimmie, The Garrys, Surf Dads and The Steves at Amigos
– MoSo: Lido Pimienta, Orphan Mothers, Technical Kidman and Hattie at Vangelis
– Paul Suchan at The Bassment
– Crooked Timber and Farmer at Underground Cafe
– The Whiskey Jerks and Purdy Bird at The Bassment
– Moka Only, Robbie G, Cquel, Hustle & Thrive, Kurlz and Stone Cold Party Rockers at Capitol Music Club

MoSoFest Music
MoSo Community Music Stage
– MoSo Talks Community Day
– MoSo: Cartoon Trivia Party with Ominocity at Vangelis
– MoSo: Willie Thrasher and Linda Saddleback, Anamai and Ride ‘Til Dawn at The Refinery
– MoSo: Buffy Sainte-Marie at Broadway Theatre
– MoSo: Duchess Says, Astral Gunk, HSY, tunic, Man Meat and Homo Monstrous at Amigos
– MoSo: Drezus, DGS Samurai Champs and Parab Poet & The Hip Hop Hippies at Vangelis
– The Stone Frigate Big Band and The Saskatoon Community Jazz Band at The Bassment

– MoSo: SWMRS, Partner and The Seahags at Amigos