MoSoFest 2016 super happy awesome summer fun time picks

The 2016 edition of MoSoFest launches on Thursday as a celebration of all things music that over the past six years has come to signify the unofficial ushering in of summer and outdoor music festivals in Saskatoon.

Turning Broadway into a simmering cauldron of venue mayhem that includes indie rock, rap and everything in-between, MoSoFest has helped to play a pivotal role in transforming the city into a prime destination for groups looking to land in the prairies. A weekend orgy of the senses, this year’s festival drops on Thursday and continues right until Sunday. So you may as well go ahead and plan on calling in sick on Monday now.

Last week we previewed some new music from local groups who are playing throughout this weekend, but there is a lot more fun to be had beyond and we are happy to share a few of our own picks for this year’s MoSoFest.



Suuns, Amigos, 11:30 p.m. – Having played alongside Jerusalem in my Heart during last year’s MoSo, Montreal’s Suuns are back to bestow Saskatoon with a shimmering blanket of moody rhythms that will push your hips and make your bangs sway and shimmy. Having released their latest album Hold/Still earlier this year – one of our predictions to land on the 2016 Polaris Prize list – there’s likely absolutely no reason to miss out on what could prove to be a very dark dance-off.

Don’t forget to check out: Make sure to show up early for Waitress, and don’t forget to hop over to Vangelis to check out The Extroverts at the punk rock show and The Pack A.D. blow the lid off of Buds.



Lido Pimienta, Vangelis, 1 a.m. – Way back in January, Colombia-born, Toronto-based Lido Pimienta wrote a fairly scathing account of being “the one brown girl among all these white men” and of being “exotic” at music festivals that are booked by white men.

There is no shortage of white men in plaid shirts with guitars. That’s never going to end, so if you have the power, the platform and the money, how about you actually look for bands that are not the same over and over again?

You should read this article in its entirety here, and then you should also check out her captivating electro rhythms and searing vocals. Yup.

Don’t forget to check out: Looking to bliss out amid the chaos of a very packed weekend? Make sure to check out the Besnard Lakes at the Broadway Theatre for a chill sit before heading back out to slam to the Regina double-trouble billing of The Steves and The Surf Dads at Amigos.



HSY, Amigos, 11:30 p.m. – Sometimes you just wanna get all heavy and bang your head. Toronto sludge-mongers HSY have got you covered. Also, it’s super fun trying to figure out how to pronounce their name. HUSSY? HISSY? HASSY? HEEEEEESSY? See? The fun never ends! Unless you check their Facebook page and then, total spoiler, it’s actually Hussy. Sigh.

Don’t forget to check out: Amigos headliners Duchess Says are another not-to-miss act, but make sure to check out Drezus at Vangelis to get your fill of some very inspired political hip-hop rhymes.

The Seahags


Seahags, Amigos, 8 p.m. – Once upon a time The Seahags ruled the roost with their barn-burning blend of folk, punk and stomp. And then lead hag Riki moved to Toronto and suddenly Saskatoon got less, errr, haggy. While the group still reunites to play the occasional keg party show, or wedding if you’re lucky, lucky, lucky, The Seahags are back to help push your Sunday hangover out the door and into Monday.

Don’t forget to check out: Every other band playing this show. Because you are already going to be there anyway, and why would you possibly leave after watching just one band? That would be goofy…