Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: CFS Dana Military Radar Site

Abandoned prairies Cold War-era military base built to ring in our doom

Located roughly 35 miles east of Saskatoon is the decommissioned site of CFS Dana, a military radar site that was a part of the Pinetree Line established by NORAD in 1962.

CFS Dana was one among many stations that, in theory, would provide early warning of a Cold War-era Soviet missile attack on North America.

In other words, if shit had actualy went down we would be among the first to know about it. If the system actually worked that is.

According to Wikipedia sources, sites like CFS Dana were fairly limited in their use since their “location near population centres meant it offered only a ‘last minute’ warning.”


After being decommissioned, the township became a writing retreat and eventually a bison ranch.

Nowadays the military base is a ghost town.

Although the radar tower is visible from the highway, the property is kept secure. And if you even think about hopping the fence pretty much everyone between Saskatoon and Humboldt will be able to see you for days.

Also, there isn’t a back way in. We checked.

Thankfully we dug up an old blog that offered numerous photos taken in the 1990’s of the site – definitely worth checking out. CLICK HERE.

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