Maximise Your Smartphone With These Software Tips

Unsplash / Hal Gatewood

Phones are something that nowadays we can’t live without. I would put money on the fact that you have picked up your phone today. In fact, the likelihood is you’re reading this on your phone! Phones are great, really they are; the possibilities are endless.

You may feel that you know everything about your phone, but the truth is that most people are barely scraping the surface of what a phone has to offer. It can seem technically daunting, and nobody teaches you how to use a phone; you are just expected to know.

Well, here are some simple tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your phone.

Make the Most of Downloads

The download feature on a phone is a great way to make sure you are using your device to its total capacity. It is versatile and allows users to download everything from photos, apps, music, and even films. With the right things downloaded, you can ensure you are always connected. I know nowadays there is a push to not always being connected or glued to your phone, but it’s nice to have the option, right?

One of the main benefits of downloads is the fact that content can be viewed and appreciated offline. As the name suggests, it is downloaded and stored on your phone. There is no internet or service required. This means that knowing how to save Youtube video to Macbook will become your new favourite skill. Whether ahead of a flight or to save some precious data, you should consider downloading your favourite content so you never have to worry about missing out.

Downloads don’t just come in handy for pleasure. You can download work documents and PDFs, so the grind really does never have to stop. Once downloaded, documents are usually faster to access, meaning you can edit on the go. Work can be done from anywhere. Rather than lots of unorganised emails, downloads mean that you can have complete control over your organisation. You never have to lose anything to the cloud again!

Unsplash / Markus Spiske

Keep Your Phone Updated

Make sure your phone is always running the latest update.

This is a tip that you’ve probably heard before. Let’s face it: it’s time-consuming, inconvenient, and one of those jobs we forget to do. As much as you’d like to think you have complete control of your phone, the truth is that manufacturers do. So, when they release a new update, they’d quite like you to actually take it.

Updates can sometimes fix bugs, improve security, and offer fantastic new features. Why wouldn’t you want to get free new stuff? As well as this, without updates, your phone will begin to slow down. You will notice apps crashing and videos not loading. Unfortunately, manufacturers send updates for a reason.

Backup Your Data

One of the scary things about our phones is just how many we keep on them. We rely on them. Memories, texts, and important files are all stored in this tiny, pocket-sized device. It’s a scary thought if you overthink it. One of the main ways you can get the most out of your phone is to ensure all your precious memories and technological assets are backed up.

Unfortunately, phones aren’t perfect, as much as we’d like to think they are. They are prone to technological malfunctions and easily damaged, two things that can quickly mean your data is lost. By ensuring you are always backing your data up (perhaps to The Cloud or a physical drive), you can reduce the worry of losing anything important.

Explore Apps and Features

We are all guilty of immediately using a new phone for essential things like texts, emails, and photos. It is very easy to forget that a phone has endless apps and features to enhance pleasure, productivity, and communication. It is always worth taking a bit of time to explore the apps that your phone has to offer. Research some of the best free apps and see if you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

Equally, don’t be afraid to look up your exact phone model and to see what features you might be missing. Many phones have features such as face recognition, wireless charging, and even ‘game modes’ to enhance your overall experience.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, don’t be scared to play around with your phone. We are all guilty of using it at a base level. Try and make the most of downloads so you can always have the option to use your phone if you’d like to. When we’re paying so much money for these devices, you may as well ensure you get the most out of them.