What to do in Saskatoon: JUNOfest edition


It’s happening. JUNOfest has returned to Saskatoon, and is taking over venues across the city for the week. And there are a number of super fantastic shows to catch from local artists to national acts. Make sure to get out and catch The Garrys headlining at the Broadway Theatre, the return of Wild Black and Ponteix, Regina’s Natural Sympathies, the Samurai Champs and oh so much more, including a Sheepdog or two playing a star-studded round of hockey for the JUNOcup. Get a wristband, and see you in the pit.

Skylar Bouchard and Two Crows for Comfort

The first show in a new space. Brought to you by the good peeps at 134 Homemade Jam, the group is now presenting shows at Alt Haus, a new location at 226C Ave C South, amd the first show will feature the wonderful Skylar Bouchard and Two Crows for Comfort from Winnipeg.

Dead Levee, The Radiant and Autopilot

Need even more local music this week? Check out this multi-genre showcase at Buds, this Thursday.