Wedding Photography Trends in 2020

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, it might seem like holding a wedding is just a far-off dream. But if you were planning to hold a wedding ceremony this year, it’s still important to prepare. One of the most important factors of a wedding is the photographer.

The photos will be a tangible thing that you will be holding on to even as the years pass by. You want to make sure that you only get the best services from a photographer.

1. Drone Shots

This became popular in recent years and it looks like it will still be popular in the year 2020. With the help of drones, the photographer can get some really good shots from above. If your wedding will be in an open space, like in a garden or vineyard, this will be really helpful. The aerial shots will really add drama to your wedding video. But first, you need to make sure that you are allowed to use one. There are some venues that do not allow the use of drones because they may be dangerous. If you are having a wedding in the city where it is more congested, you may have to forego the drone shots.

2. Unplugged Ceremonies

Nowadays, you will rarely see a wedding where phone cameras are not put up in every part of the ceremony. While there is nothing wrong with documenting the event, it can also lessen the enjoyment of just experiencing it. Some couples opt to have an unplugged ceremony where no one will be allowed to take pictures or videos from their cameras and only the official photographer will be allowed to document the solemn event. This will allow for a more intimate ceremony and everyone is completely in the moment without the distraction of their gadgets.

3. First Look Photos

First look photos have been around for a while now. Even years ago, the bride and groom would set a time to see each other before the ceremony would happen. It’s such an intimate moment where only the bride, the groom, and the photographer would be present. But now there is another trend when it comes to first looks. It seems that it’s not just the bride and groom anymore. Now the bride is also including a first look with family members and bridesmaids. It’s such a fun time between the members of the bride’s party. She gets to share a special time with her maid of honour and attendants. And when her mother and father see her for the first time, there’s sure to be some tears involved.

4. Documentary Styles

If you are a fan of shots that are genuine and raw, this is the style you want. This is great for those couples who would like a more relaxed and natural atmosphere. This is when you don’t want rigid and stiff pictures of people posing together. Documentary styles will have a more candid atmosphere where the photos are just of people enjoying the ceremony and the reception. You’ll be able to see genuine reactions of laughter and tears and people will not feel self conscious about getting photographed.

5. Proposal Photos

Some couples don’t just hire a photographer for the wedding itself but even during the proposal. After all, it is also an important part of the couple’s journey. If it’s a private proposal with just the couple, the photographer will stay in a hidden area but will have a perfect view of the proposal. He or she will be able to capture the genuine reaction between the two individuals. They can also follow it up with a short photo session right after the proposal.

Whatever trend you would like to follow when it comes to your wedding, the important thing is to get a photographer that can actually deliver. Not all photographers are the same so you need to find one that will meet all your requirements.

It’s important that your photographer will be able to capture your wedding perfectly. And they also have to be within your budget. If possible, you will need to meet with potential photographers so that they can show you their portfolio of work. But due to the situation now, you can do a virtual meetings instead. It’s important that you talk to them to ensure that they are people you can feel comfortable with. Wherever you are from, you will surely be able to find a good photographer within your area. You can check out these Muskoka Photographers, who are known for their whimsical style and truly capturing the best parts of your wedding day.