You Tel Aviv

Retro Download: You Tel Aviv

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You Tel Aviv was:

Leif Carlson – microphone
Evan Vrinten – guitar
Aaron Scholz – guitar
Ian Potts – bass
Kyle Martin – bass (replaced Ian for a few shows in the summer of ’07)
Andrew Taylor – drums

You Tel Aviv was a fully-functioning band from the fall of 2006 until spring of 2008. The album was recorded over two weekends in January and March of 2007 at a farmhouse in Colonsay, SK, with Chris Douglas. We did it as a DIY release, making only 43 CD-Rs. All the cases were hand-painted. Some of them were goofy drawings and some were a stencil we made of a silhouette of Evan wearing sunglasses. About 25 of these cases contained Ian’s pubes either in the paint or right inside some of the cases.

You Tel Aviv

Leif played the Hammond organ heard on parts of the album, which was sitting at the farmhouse. It was a last minute decision. The crickets and insect/animal buggery heard at the end of the album was recorded by leaving a condenser microphone on the back deck of the house during the evening.

Recording was kind of a blur. I’m not really sure what Chris thought of us or if he necessarily trusted us at the end, as most of us were drinking heavily during the entire process. As a result, one member ended up breaking some expensive microphone equipment belonging to Chris, another member ended up peeing themselves in the vocal booth, etc.

We played a total of seven shows in Saskatoon, two in Calgary and one in Edmonton.

You Tel Aviv – EP

[audio: Tel Aviv – EP/01 You Tel Aviv – Near Death.mp3, Tel Aviv – EP/02 You Tel Aviv – Idol.mp3, Tel Aviv – EP/03 You Tel Aviv – Last Laugh.mp3, Tel Aviv – EP/04 You Tel Aviv – Month Six of an Eight Week Trip.mp3, Tel Aviv – EP/05 You Tel Aviv – Rising Sun.mp3, Tel Aviv – EP/06 You Tel Aviv – Leech Seed.mp3, Tel Aviv – EP/07 You Tel Aviv – Untitled.mp3|titles=Near Death,Idol,Last Laugh,Month Six of an Eight Week Trip,Rising Sun,Leech Seed,Untitled]
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