“Watching ships burn”: Silent Era release two song EP for download

Saskatoon post-hardcore group to play Edmonton’s Ghost Throats festival

Silent Era, a Saskatoon post-hardcore group, has recently released their debut recordings as a two-song self-titled EP.

Featuring members of past Sask-bands such as Magna Carta, Narcissistic and You Tel Aviv, the five-piece take post-hardcore aggression and weave it amidst complex, math-y guitar lines and off-kilter melodies. And, of course, a lot of hoarse yelling and shout-out vocals.

“We all were fans of You Tel Aviv back in the basement punk days, so we asked Leif Carlson to sing,” says guitarist Justin Cyr. “Now that Tyler Danyluk is on second guitar it frees up a lot of space for each of us. For example I can write more melodic parts and leads, Travis Becker has room to play jazzier beats and we all have more freedom to do gang vocals.

“Right from day one we wanted to get away from three chord punk rock and move deeper into more progressive genres.”

Cyr says the band plans on recording soon and hope on releasing a full-length on vinyl by fall.

Similarly, Silent Era will be playing the Horse Room – a top secret funhouse venue – on May 2 with Dead Ranch, Chicka Boom Boom and Black Thunder, as well as Vangelis on May 17 with Motherfuckers, Mystery Squad and Exoskeleton.

The group has also been confirmed to play this year’s Ghost Throats Festival, which goes down on May 30 to 31 in Edmonton, Alberta.