Oh No! The D.I.Y. Sex Robot!

Sci-fi porno now a possible household creation for budding inventors

The world of “Do It Yourself” has saved many a dollar and created many creative and innovative things. But instead of just creating new clothes, furniture and otherwise, many people are creating their own sexual inventions. It is true, many people have used household items to stimulate themselves in past; before dildos or vibrators, maybe a person would use a shapely vegetable or an electrical toothbrush.

After all, before the “FleshLight” there was the hand.

There are many suggestions online and in magazines of simple household tools that can be used if you really need to stimulate yourself (the most pathetic being sitting on a washing machine when it is on “spin cycle”); however, people have now moved up from using already made everyday household items to actually creating their own elaborate sexual gizmos.

This was brought to my attention when a friend of mine mentioned that he had attached a dildo to a power saw of sorts to stimulate his wife. I was actually quite disturbed by this idea. Firstly, I doubted that any woman likes being drilled (or sawed?) at that speed and intensity, and secondly, it sounded very dangerous to me (my assumption that this was dangerous was confirmed when I read online that in 2009, a woman was rushed to the hospital after a Saber Saw attached to a dildo cut through the dildo and cut into her nether regions).

Now hopefully my friend was smart enough to remove the blade when he attached the dildo, unlike the people in the 2009 incident. However I still found the idea to be at least a little debasing and slightly offensive. The open-minded part of me on the other hand applauded the man for his creativity and imagination (even if his project was not my style).

As it turns out, homemade sex machines are created more often than one would expect. My friend’s gadget was very simplistic in relation to the multitude of elaborate sex machines that were shown off by their inventors via the internet. Often, these machines are large apparatus’ where a person lies down and lets the machine’s limbs do the work. What was once only the brain spawn of some science fiction porno is now a possible household creation for budding inventors.

Personally, the idea of any machine “running the show” is not something that I would want for myself. My basic lack of confidence in technology is enough for me not to be able to trust a machine of this sort, and I have always believed that you should refrain from sleeping with anyone you can’t trust.

Conversely, there are many people who like the idea of having a machine fulfill all of their sexual needs, or just watching their partner’s needs being fulfilled without having to lift a finger or a penis. So, if a person has confidence in his or her machine building abilities, a thorough understanding of the human body (I like to emphasize this part for safety purposes), and a keen interest in sexual experimentation, perhaps the art of sex machine building is not only a perfect pastime but one with sexy rewards.

-Photo from Flickr user “theshadowknows” – Creative Commons.