Ominocity’s Guide to OMFEST 2

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about OMFEST 2…

Has it been a year already?

On March 1, 2011, Ominocity was launched with few expectations. And we kept that promise!

And this Saturday, March 2, we will be celebrating our second confusing year of continued inexplicable existence with OMFEST 2.

Ominocity was founded on the idea that the prairies has a wealth of talent that is deserving of celebration. Similarly, OMFEST was founded so that we could all come together in a loud, sweaty group hug and have a good time to boot.

So lets all have a beer and shake our butts. Simple, right?

But if it’s not then here’s your guide to all things OMFEST.

Saturday, March 2

7-9PM PRE-SHOW BEER NIGHT (Hose & Hydrant – 612 11th St E)
All you can drink keg beer for 2 hours or until we drink the place dry! Essentially you want to get to this as close to 7pm because the earlier you arrive the more you can theoretically drink. Purchasing an advance ticket for $25 gets you into OMFEST, NOMFEST and the beer night. So lets say you only bought the $15 ticket for OMFEST – feel free to drop by with an extra $10 for the beer night. Or, hell, come for just the beer night if you have other plans.

Also, look forward to the OMFEST drinking game…

9PM OMFEST 2 CONCERT (Amigos Cantina – 806 Dufferin Ave)
Mega concert party time. Expect a rock star light show, photo booth and drunk dudes in costume. $15 at the door or get in with advanced tickets available online. This show will start at 10pm sharp. Which should give you plenty of time to peel yourselves away from the beer night pre-drinkery.

Here’s how it’s all going to go down:

10pm Robot Hive
10:45pm Gunner & Smith
11:30pm Ones
12:15am The Spoils
1am Charly Hustle & Chapter Thrive

We’ve also heard rumours about an afterparty, but you’re just going to have to ask us about that in person.

Sunday, March 3

11:30AM NOMFEST HANGOVER BRUNCH (Amigos Cantina Back Room – 806 Dufferin Ave)
This is the free acoustic brunch concert. Meals not included. This is a come-and-go sort of deal, where you show up and get afternoon buzzed with us. Basically the idea is to have a post-show hangout, gossip about who went home with who, and to listen to some more great music.

12pm Kirby Criddle
12:15pm Dorothy Zbornak
12:30pm Fern
12:45pm Myles & the Blanks
1pm Eden Rohatensky
1:15pm Eli, For Short
1:30pm The Karpinka Brothers
1:45pm Let’s Get Ugly

Advanced Tickets

Advanced tickets to OMFEST 2 are available exclusively online at Two ticket levels are available – one including the concert and brunch show for $15 and the other including the beer night, concert and brunch show for $25.

Ominocity is on the Internet!

The official hashtag for all things Twitter and Instagram is #OMFEST2 – feel free to use #NOMFEST appropriately.