What to do in Saskatoon: Fire Next Time, Babyfats, Soul Mates May 7 - 14, 2018

It’s finally hot out again. Let’s all go get sweaty and listen to bands – not necessarily in that order.

The Switching Yard, Pine Barons, Waitress

Local rippers The Switching Yard are about to unveil not one but two records this Saturday at Amigos. Come bash your head against the punk rock, stay for the inebriants!

Babyfats, Fisher, Hollow Oax

Babyfats have been tearing up venues across Saskatoon with their blend of grunged-out punk rock and power chord buzz. Catch them on Wednesday at the Black Cat Tavern alongside Hollow Oax and Fisher.

Fire Next Time w/ Taylor Jade & Dogmom

Fire Next Time aren’t a band to shy away from a challenge. Last year, the group toured throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, and have since released a new album on Stomp Records. They are playing this Sunday at the Black Cat Tavern – maybe take your mom?

Arson Cult, The Castagne’s

More Monday night bangers care of local noise agitators Arson Cult – they are joining The Castagne’s from Montreal at the Black Cat.

Soul Mates, Zelda BellaDonna and the DNS, Great Shakin Fevers

Need something to do this Friday? Soul Mates, along with a bunch of their cool friends, will be serving up punk rock at Amigos.