The New Rockstar Philosophy gears up for book launch

Saskatoon bloggers get ready to host crowdfunding party

The story of The New Rockstar Philosophy is an unlikely one. But it’s also really, really good.

Two local pals decide to get off their asses and address the current climate of the music industry via a blog.

The blog gains momentum and the duo’s ideas get noticed in Italy. Suddenly they have a book published in Europe, which nets them an award.


So, after placing themselves at the epicenter of a maelstrom of hype and bluster, it seems more than a little backwards that The New Rockstar Philosophy is finally being released as a physical book with Saskatoon’s Indie Ink Publishers stepping up to help out.


“It is a little bit backwards,” admits Matt Voyno, one half of NRP along with Roshan Hoover.

“We had to establish credibility and our ideas and see if they hit with other musicians. When we released the book in English for free we had no idea where it would connect. And at first we had been talking a lot about physical publishing but as we got closer to the end of the book we found it counterintuitive to what was in the book, which was give it away for free and establish that fanbase.

“It is assbackwards, but it is exactly what we were preaching in the book.”

In addition to the book, The New Rockstar Philosophy is also a lively blog, with content geared towards giving emerging musicians new ideas for marketing themselves using online presence and traditional business practices.

And on Friday, March 8, Voyno and Hoover will be launching their crowdfunding party at Village Guitars.

And party we shall.

In addition to the obligatory booze and food, Saskatoon’s Castle River and Pandas in Japan will be serving up the rock.

For more information on the crowdfunding event click HERE.

The show starts around 8:00