Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: Insinger is even more eerie in video

Fact: Ghost towns are a lot creepier when there is sad violin music playing

Sometimes it’s weird enough just being in a ghost town: every time the wind moves you jump a little. But every now and then you catch a glimpse via a photo or video that makes your skin crawl even more.

A week or two ago, a friend of Ominocity clued us in on a video he had seen that featured Insinger, a Saskatchewan ghost town we had visited a couple of years back. With the added background noises and music, it’s a lot creepier than I remember it being.

That floral print dress hanging on the wall? Ugh.

Ominocity recently caught up with Mike Conlon, the video’s creator, to ask why would you ever step into an abandoned home.

Ominocity: So what precipitated this video project?

Mike Conlon: I became interested in ghost towns just last year when I stumbled across your site’s photo essay of Girvin, Saskatchewan. Up until that point I hadn’t really thought of Saskatchewan’s abandoned towns, and I hadn’t realized that a dilapidated structure could be so compelling. I’m more familiar with videography than photography so I decided that I’d make a video essay of a ghost town when I had the chance.

OM: What drew you to Insinger specifically?

MC: Sheer proximity. On May long I went to Yorkton with my girlfriend to visit her parents. Insinger was only 15 minutes away so it was easy enough to head out and get the footage. Now that I’ve done it once, I’m counting down the days till I film another ghost town!

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