Chapter Thrive joins OMFEST 2 party

Ryan Stinson unable to make appearance at Amigos Saturday, Mar. 2

Ominocity is bummed to announce that Ryan Stinson will be unable to make OMFEST 2 at Amigos this Saturday, March 2 for health reasons.

Fortunately, Chris Jarvis aka Chapter Thrive has stepped up, and will be embarking on a party rock adventure alongside Charly Hustle.

“[We’re] working on putting together a unique set for the show that incorporates me DJing some specially edited tracks and some live keyboard elements,” says Mr. Hustle. “Chris is going to come up for a couple of songs and we’ll make some rap upon musics.”

Earlier this week we caught wind of a new EP from Charly Hustle and Chapter Thrive entitled The Super Professionals. And it is excellent.

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