Just For Cats Film Festival comes to Saskatoon’s Broadway Theatre

Everyone loves cat videos… everyone!

Seriously, who doesn’t love cute cat videos? It’s true. Everybody. A precursory look on YouTube shows that some of the most popular kitty vids have millions of views. And new clips are posted every day.

So with the Just For Cats Film Festival arriving in Saskatoon, cat clip aficionados can finally indulge in front of the big screen.

The festival, which is comprised of the most popular cat videos on the Internet, will be screened at The Broadway Theatre on Sunday, June 15 with a family friendly matinee event that starts at 2:00 with the show beginning at 3:00 and a 19+ that kicks off at 6:30 with the screening at 7:30.

Lindsay Royale of the Saskatoon SPCA says that the Just For Cats Film Festival, which is touring across Canada, is a selection of the craziest cat clips that we all watch at home curated together for the big screen.

“It’s to gain some attention on cats because we know people love to see these clips but we also seem to have a never-ending amount of cats coming through our doors at the shelter,” says Royale.

The world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival, held in 2012 in Minneapolis, sparked international headlines, and inspired the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies to launch a new festival with the goal to increase the value of cats in Canada.

Funds raised for the Just For Cats Film Festival will go towards both the SPCA and the CFHS organizations to assist cats in our community.

The matinee’s events, which start at 2:00, include face-painting and free Mac’s Frosters. And if that wasn’t enough reason to come, there will be adoptable kittens to cuddle. The evening screening kicks off at 6:30, screening at 7:30, and includes a raffle for local goodie packages for you & your cat, a food truck, and more cuddles.

For more information on the event click HERE.

And now… a cat video!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydQsmDunYKY&w=750]