Hustle & Thrive

Charly Hustle and Chapter Thrive drop new EP The Super Professionals

Charly Hustle and Ryan Stinson to headline OMFEST 2 this Saturday

Local hip-hop dudes Charly Hustle and Chapter Thrive have released their collaborative five-track EP entitled The Super Professionals.

Released on local beats ‘n’ rap concern Phonographique, the duo blast through a combination of smooth beats, samples and plenty of clever rhymes, along with some truly excellent cover artwork – Hustle and Thrive look both dangerous and dainty as they party rock their way through a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Check out Charly Hustle’s DJ set, who will be performing along with Ryan Stinson, at OMFEST 2 at Amigos on Saturday, March 2.

Click HERE for tickets to OMFEST.