Ones (Ex-Feral Children) to Debut at OMFEST 2

Local musician unveils new project after moving to South Africa

Ominocity is pleased to announce our first confirmed performer for OMFEST 2.

Ones, the new solo project by Ryan Scott Davidson of the now-defunct Feral Children, has recently released a four song EP for download.

Feral Children, a Saskatoon psych-pop group, had released several albums, including a six-song EP called SunSon, in addition to touring across Canada on their own and as part of the infamous Wyrd Fest.

Davidson pulled the plug after the members of Feral Children scattered into their own projects.

Although he started Feral Children as a solo project, Davidson, who now lives in South Africa with his family, says that Ones is the next logical extension of his songwriting given his new location.

“[My] influence was coming from being in South Africa and thinking I was possibly there for good,” says Davidson. “[It] was coming from my existence being flipped on its head within a matter of weeks. I literally had less than a month from the point of knowing we were leaving to flying to Amsterdam. So I am there not really knowing what was going to happen but aware that Feral Children or at least the band’s name was dead, which in all honesty gave me freedom and time to work without pressure of any kind.”

The song “Insects” creeps in ethereal noises amidst otherworldly drones and Davidson’s unique vocals, and continues throughout the remainder of the EP. And although his previous work possessed a trance-y tribal stomp, Ones takes those influences even further.

“I was living with my in-laws five hours away from Johannesburg in an extremely lush, misty area situated on a mountain side. Our backyard was jungle and bamboo forests. Birds are everywhere and monkeys steal our fruit. This may sound goofy but through constant bird chirps, the wind, water dripping, the wild detailed creaks and croaks of the jungle comes a very specific rhythm that I would inevitably hear every time I stepped outside.

“I am sure it creeps into everything I’ve done.”

Davidson says that Ones plans on releasing two more songs in the near future.

Stay tuned.

OMFEST 2 Announced for March 2

While details are still in the works, here’s what we got so far!

Saturday, March 2nd:
7-9pm – Pre-show beer night at Hose & Hydrant

9pm – Doors open for concert at Amigos
10pm – Concert at Amigos

Ones (Ex-Feral Children)
Gunner & Smith
Robot Hive (Regina)
The Spoils (Regina)
Ryan Stinson & Charly Hustle

Sunday, March 3rd:
11:30am – Doors open for NOMFEST hangover brunch at Amigos
12pm – NOMFEST acoustic open stage

PERFORMERS TBA (Click here to apply!)

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