Saskatoon Loves LUGO: Review

Night of total debauchery hosted by The Mendel Art Gallery

There was wine on the walls, art in the air and abandoned undies in the washroom.

LUGO was off the chain.

For the entirety of the evening the Mendel Art Gallery was packed full of dressy hipsters, musicians and lovers of all things artistic. There were even a few politicians in the crowd. And as the night wore on it started to get messy.

The party got sweaty as the booze flowed more freely, and it became impossible to not notice the orgy of sex eyes lurking on the dance floor.

But there were other things too. Saskatoon has always been a tight-knit community, and it’s remarkable that LUGO has become an arena to view those creative juxtapositions and collaborations that enrich our lives whether we notice or not.

The food looked just as artistic as the pieces that typically adorn the gallery walls. And the make-up booth and live drawing jams were a nice touch as well.

Personal highlights included Shooting Guns, who literally made the floor shake, the Young Benjamins, Ritornello Fest, and all the poets who rocked the back room.

Also, I personally blame DJ Charly Hustle for shaking my human butt with such vigour. Sorry to everyone who had to watch me dance.

Ritornello Fest LUGOYoung Benjamins Lugo

And while the photo booth remains an obvious crowd-pleaser, the props this year – lightning bolts and tentacles – were truly amazing.

“Thanks for the new Facebook profile pic dudes.” – Everyone who went to LUGO.

Ominocity would like to issue a huge thank you to all the staff, volunteers and supporters who continue to make LUGO one of Saskatoon’s best parties.

We are also hugely grateful to be a contributing pal to LUGO – if anyone dug the tunes from last night make sure to check out our RDIO playlist from last night.