public sex

Saskatoon’s Best Places for Public Sex Revealed

Despite the legalities, public sex runs rampant in the streets

Editor’s Note – Indoor version! We’ll get to the outdoor spots once it warms up enough that you won’t freeze your baby makers to the ground.

Public sex is both illegal and highly indecent. Which is probably what makes it so great. Also, that whole getting caught thing is kind of hot. Except when you actually get caught, which makes it doubly important that you stake out a good public bang spot.

Thankfully Saskatoon is full of weird nooks and crannies for today’s pervs on the go, so there you go!

Also, it’s worth noting that banging in the bathroom of a bar is both unappetizing and massively uncreative. You can do better.

Indoor RV Salesrooms

When I was a kid my parents would take me motorhome shopping – I don’t recall ever actually buying a motorhome. Regardless, I would spend hours playing hide and seek in various RVs and was never found. So it seems highly probable that one could sneak in and test the springs of a fifth wheel so to speak. Remember, nice people bring their own sheets.

Pros: You might actually want to buy a motorhome.

Cons: You might actually want to buy a motorhome.

The University

Despite keeping a large herd of students, staff and security guards, you can always find a private, out-of-the-way space to bang at the U of S campus. In addition to unused classrooms, the main library – specifically the north tower – has many a quiet spot for some coed understudying.

Pros: You might learn something ahahahahaha oh my!

Cons: If you aren’t a student banging at the university is just wrong.

Downtown Office Buildings

Office buildings are typically open to the public, and no one will likely question why you are there if you look like you belong. Furthermore, many of the bigger buildings have empty cubicles and unused boardrooms that are ripe for the plucking. Just make sure to avoid co-working spaces – distracting!

Pros: Sexy office supplies, such as a stapler, are easy to come by.

Cons: Screwing in your own office is a good way to get canned… literally!

Hotel Conference Rooms

In the old days you could check in to a hotel, keep the key, and then come back in for a secret, forbidden rendezvous at a later date (provided no one was using that room of course). However, the implementation of those stupid keycards put a stop to that. However, a lot of hotels have conference rooms full of tables draped with tablecloths. Think of it as your own private harem, complete with dirty carpet and a gum-caked interior.

Pros: Most conferences held at hotels usually come with free coffee.

Cons: Most conferences held at hotels are extremely boring to sit through. Post-sex of course.

-Photo taken from Flickr user “p_valdivieso” – Creative Commons.