Ominocity’s Top 15 Stories of 2015

This past year was another weird, strange year for Ominocity.

That said, it was one of our favourite years ever. OMFEST 4 anyone? Probably the most fun we’ve had at a show ever! We also had a lot of fun with this here site, and we’ve got some plans for 2016, so thanks for coming along and cheersing with us these past few years. It’s been swell!

And now, here are Ominocity’s Top 15 Stories of 2015:

blackstrap 4

Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: Blackstrap Ski Hill (NSFW)

A ski hill ghost town, the lift poles remain embedded in the side of the Blackstrap Ski Hill along with the decaying lift shacks. There’s also lots of bizarro graffiti adorning most of the structures – apparently the T-bar shack played host to a “five man orgy” if spray paint vandals are to be believed.

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Scotiabank Theatre Saskatoon VIP Cineplex

Saskatoon VIP Movie Theatre Review

The large reclining seats are grouped in pairs with an armrest that you can push back to cuddle with your sweetie and each chair has a counter you can pull out to set your food and drink on. Yes, popcorn and beer combos exist at the VIP section of the Scotiabank Theatre Saskatoon.

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Exploring the ruins of the magical, failed city of Factoria

If you’re from Saskatoon, the idea that the remains of a bustling community lie beneath the streets where you smashed tennis balls against garage doors and failed miserably at ball hockey is kind of jarring. This is the story of Factoria, the “Magic City.” It’s also the history of where I was raised.

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What would a Saskatoon subway system look like?

Here’s an idea of what a hypothetical conception of Saskatoon’s subway system could look like, via Ominocity’s crack team of illustrators. The idea of stretching out to the suburbs is to have main stations where commuters could park before embarking elsewhere to the city.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.13.42 AM

The mysterious ghosts of Galilee: Ghost Town, Saskatchewan

Have you ever seen any ghosts in a Saskatchewan ghost town? Because there are some wraith-like figures imprinted on the highway in the remains of the town known as Galilee.

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photo (77)

Band Swap 9 Review: Seven jaw-dropping GIFs

Another Band Swap has come and gone. Which is awesome because if you went you probably had a really, really, really good time. And you might be a lil’ bit hungover. And even a little wistful with all the wonderful memories you have.

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The Best Veggie Burger in Saskatoon 2015

The best veggie burgers make you feel loved, like you are being hugged by a ray of sunshine because you are eating a delicious protein-filled meal. Also, probably because it’s loaded with heart-stopping mayo and maybe a slice of cheese or something exotic like a slice of avocado or honey mustard or something. Woo.

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Musicians Say The Strangest Things: Portraits and quotes from our favourite artists

Having worked as a freelance music journalist for nearly a decade, I’ve managed to compile a novel’s worth of material from a variety of musicians and artists. A lot of it is really boring. But not all of it.

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Here are 10 new songs from Saskatoon bands that you should listen to right now

Here are 10 releases from Saskatoon-based bands from the past year. They are all pretty good and you should probably listen to them all right now.

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Assorted Personal Photographer

Sarah Says: The Friend Zone and Butt Sex Dos and Don’ts

The world of anal sex has many intricacies, but a few universal truths apply. Here are some basic dos and don’ts when it comes to butt play.

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Prairie Excavation: A portrait of the abandoned homesteads of Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan countryside is full of empty spaces. Spaces that were once occupied by the settlers that arrived and then as time as passed have been abandoned as people began to settle in towns.

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More new music from Saskatoon that you should listen to right now

Here are nine more releases from Saskatoon-based bands from this year. Guess what. They are all pretty good and you should probably listen to them all right now.

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“The More We Get Together”: an interview with Raffi

Remember Raffi? Of course you do. Which means you should probably also remember “Baby Beluga”, “Bananaphone”, and “Down by the Bay” – songs we loved as kids and still love today.

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10 weird Valentine’s Day date ideas for Saskatoon

If you’re one of those jaded lovelorn jerks who thinks there’s nothing to do in Saskatoon during Valentine’s Day then you probably aren’t trying hard enough. Who needs you anyway?!

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How fast can you throw a dodgeball?

How fast can you throw a dodgeball anyway?

So how fast can you throw a dodgeball anyway? As it turns out, pretty darn fast.

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