Here are 10 new songs from Saskatoon bands that you should listen to right now

The Best New Music of Sask. 2015 Edition continues…

Here are 10 new releases from Saskatoon-based bands. They are all pretty good and you should probably listen to them all right now.

Okay… go!


Myka 9 and Factor – “Famous Future Time Travel” (single)

A collaboration between Myka 9, a rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California, and Factor Chandelier, a Saskatoon-based producer, “Famous Future Time Travel” is a brilliantly dense and bombastic precursor to the forthcoming album of the same name. Together, the duo deftly weaves together a soundscape of simplistic, bass-heavy grooves amidst a rapid-fire barrage of wordplay. Look for the album to drop on May 19.


Bastard Poetry – “Something” (single)

In advance of their upcoming full-length album Something That Makes it Beautiful to Live, acoustic-loving punks Bastard Poetry have unveiled the single “Something”. Featuring soaring choruses amidst smooth-to-jangled leads, the song is capped off with a laid-back, rambling harmonica solo. Make sure to catch Bastard Poetry live at Amigos on Friday for their album release party.


Young Benjamins – “Beware of Me” (single)

Darkly cinematic, beautifully melodic and hauntingly confessional, the latest single from the Young Benjamins sees the group capturing an increasingly-lush and complex sound without sacrificing an ounce of jubilation or emotion.


Fern – “Combat” (single)

Graceful acoustic finger-picking and lush vocals lead the charge on folkster Fern’s latest single. Amid spritely backing arrangements, intricate lyrics weave a telling tale of relationships gone slightly sour.


Man Meat – Meat Hands (EP)

Brash guitars raining down a hail of noise and smattering of melody usher in the debut three-song release from punk trio Man Meat. Amidst a crashing energy is a driving sense of urgency that gives this EP a nice sheen of grit.


The Avulsions – “Virus” (single)

Amidst a lonely, droning note, The Avulsions meander amidst the ebb-and-flow of swells, unpredictable hooks and a muffled, almost strained vocal chant before breaking into a twisted, mechanizing nonchalant breakdown.

miserable tradition

Miserable Tradition – Finders Keepers (EP)

A pair of covers grace this two-song EP issued by snot-and-sugar-rocket punks Miserable Tradition. It’s sometimes nice to know that there are still people out there who remember the classic era of Screeching Weasel. But GG Allin? The guy who threw poo on stinky punks? Whatevs…

stooshinoff statement

Alex Stooshinoff – “Statement, Echo, and Noise” (single)

On the latest single by sound artist Alex Stooshinoff, a variety of drones and atmospheres are layered overtop of field recordings taken by the artist in Montreal, and Finisterre, Spain. It’s a nice, seasonal listen if distant birds and otherworldly notes are your thing.


The P∞rtals – 1+1= (mixtape)

ICYMI: 1+1=, the semi-newly-minted and released mixtape from the twisted brain of Levi Soulodre aka The P∞rtals, is a startling compendium of heavy dance moments, liquid-like beats ooze and a sheer wall of noisy samples and vocal drones. Check out our feature on The P∞rtals HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.30.43 PM

Wasted Cathedral – “The Ballad Of Slim Chance / Imperial Dreams (sample)”

On Wasted Cathedral’s latest single, cascades of unwashed freak noise slither amidst the loveliest of static sound waves. According to unconfirmed Facebook rumours there is a new tape on the way.