The P∞rtals drops debut mixtape 1​+​1= : DOWNLOAD

“Party Eternal Roars Lose yrself”

One of the most startling moments of 1+1=, the newly-minted and released mixtape straight from the twisted brain of Levi Soulodre aka The P∞rtals, is on track three.

Download the mixtape HERE.

Backed by a sample of drumming taken from a hotel in the Dominican Republic, “Mar” takes on a strange, wonderful life of its own – spinning percussion swirls lithely amidst Soulodre’s own take on the subject matter.

That’s the innate beauty of the mixtape – we are left to find our own meanings amid the devices.

There are similarly some heavy dance moments. Large, liquid-like beats ooze amidst a wall of noisy samples – perhaps this is the handiwork of many hands, perhaps the cuts from the likes of Factor Chandelier. There are several moments of strange familiarity – consider the classic, haunting strains of the Doors’-like “Lake Destiny” where Soulodre asks the ghost of Jim Morrison for a slow dance and is granted a brief concession.

No one is spared, everything is music.

Consider the first five seconds 1+1=. It may or may not have been sampled from a drunken prank phone call made at 1 am. I should know because I was there.

But it’s just another colour to an already formidable palette.

In addition to The The P∞rtals, Soulodre plays guitar in Slow Down Molasses, along with several bands of the past including Volcanoless in Canada, Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z and more. He’s toured with Factor, and laid down numerous tracks in the studio. He’s also a visual artist – a painter by definition. And there’s probably a whole lot of other things that I’m forgetting.

“Some songs may be too crazy/unlistenable for some – and vice versa,” he writes.

It’s what happens sometimes when you are This and That. Listen and decide for yourself.

– Featured photo via Dandy Lion.