10 weird Valentine’s Day date ideas for Saskatoon

Stuck for date ideas this Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas that don’t totally suck

If you’re one of those jaded lovelorn jerks who thinks there’s nothing to do in Saskatoon during Valentine’s Day then you probably aren’t trying hard enough. Who needs you anyway?!

Just kidding. But seriously, there’s no excuse for not getting a little play on this loveliest of days.

Also, we totally get it. Being in love is all sorts of pressure, hurt feelings, unnecessary expenditures and anxieties that go all the way up. So we’ve made it easy for you all weirdos who don’t hang well with fancy restaurants, and pitching woo over cocktails and all the stuff that “normal” people do. Meh.

Why be normal when you could go make out at the monster truck rally this V-Day?

Here are 10 weird Valentine’s Day date ideas for Saskatoon via Ominocity. Think of us when you’re locking lips and twisting tongues… among other things!

Monster trucks

Is there anything more thrilling or sexy than a motorsports spectacular? If a demolition derby doesn’t get your proverbial motor revving, then maybe some radical jumps will get your heart-a-flutter. The monster trucks won’t be the only thing rumbling your pants.

Flea market

Is there anything hotter than scoring a sweet bargain? Not really, but it’s kind of a nice when you are able to pick up a crocheted blanket or some expired sunglasses on the cheap.

Saskatchewan Equine Expo

Actually, horses scare the crap out of me. Have you ever seen one up close? They’re huge! But some of us like to get cozy at the thought of a saddle and tack. Bit? Yes please!

Buffet or bust

A lot of people like to put on a big hoo-hah when it comes to getting their eat on during love day. On the other hand, some of us like to get a little more bang for our buck when it comes to dining and dates. All-you-can-eat restaurants are the perfect middle ground. But just remember, beware of anyone whose buffet line is also their pick-up line.

Valentine the movie

This is probably the worst movie ever, or at least a good contender: A killer wearing a Cupid’s mask stalks a bunch of hotties while inexplicably getting a nosebleed. I’m sure it’s explained somewhere but yeesh! Anyway, people like movies and you can watch it on the couch with someone? Kiss kiss!

Aside: Has there ever been a good Valentine’s Day movie ever?

Adventures in pet-sitting

Trapped in a boring, go-nowhere dreck of a relationship? Pets make for a great distraction. But it also sounds like your domesticity is in peril, so maybe just offer to hang out with your friend’s kitty cat while they go out and have real fun and you and your partner pretend that you don’t secretly hate each other because you have to entertain a cute furry critter for a couple of hours.

Roller Derby try-outs

The Saskatoon Roller Derby League is looking to recruit more players, referees and non-skating officials. Yes, Roller Derby is a tonne of fun to watch, and the nicknames are fun to say out loud. Plus it’s titillating to see someone get an elbow in the kisser to boot, which it means it’s probably even more fun to play.

Karaoke? Well…

So the evening is a total wreck – you didn’t score with your date by putting out your best qualities. So why not belt out the blues in front a sweaty room full of complete strangers? Karaoke: when your Valentine’s Day can’t get any more awkward… Or can it?

Shakey Wilson

Swoon! Shakey will be hosting Neil Young Fest featuring The Shakey Barns (headlining) Ride til Dawn, The Bad Decisions, and The Rebels. Come for the Shakey, stay for the skidz.


Or you could go to any number of live music venues, just like you normally do, and see a bunch of bands, just like you normally do, and sway uncomfortably to mildly-thrilling local songwriting. Just like you normally do.

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– Featured photo by Flickr user “ocherdraco” – Creative Commons.