The Best Veggie Burger in Saskatoon 2015

“Imagine eating a veggie burger the size of a gorilla’s clenched fist”

The best veggie burgers make you feel loved, like you are being hugged by a ray of sunshine because you are eating a delicious protein-filled meal. Also, probably because it’s loaded with heart-stopping mayo and maybe a slice of cheese or something exotic like a slice of avocado or honey mustard or something. Woo.

Here are the best veggie burgers in Saskatoon:

(632 10 Street East)

Amigos’ veggie burger has always been one of our Saskatoon favourites – but why? If we had to hazard a guess we’d probably say it’s that delectable brown BBQ sauce that covers the patty like an engagement ring from God. Except not at all, because even if you did get that burger without the sauce it would still taste like heaven on a bun. And we aren’t even religious!

(2910 8 Street East)

However, unlike Amigos, the whole appeal of Fuddruckers is in the condiments. I mean, does any one really go for the dry fries and plain wieners? Probably not – going to Fudds is like reliving cheese pump Christmas all over again. The whole fun is seeing how many different sauces you can fit on a bun – and scrape off your face 15 minutes later.

(820 Broadway Ave)

Nosh is Saskatoon’s newest vegetarian-focused restaurant that boasts a whopping five veggie burger options. Five! From black bean and quinoa, yam and lentil, beetroot, grilled portobello to roasted squash, Nosh really has something for everyone (and even a steak sandwich if you’re a wuss who is scared of vegetables. Wah wah). I was adventurous and tried the beetroot burger while my partner tried the black bean and quinoa. We both preferred the black bean patty which was more flavourful. Also, the drinks!

Yard & Flagon
(718 Broadway Avenue)

For years the Yard got by on their unique Sun Burger before they introduced the Moon. Choices are nice, even for those of us who don’t partake in the meat. Especially when you are attempting to keelhaul your hangover with a nice streaming platter of carbs on that Sunday morning I woke up and felt all woozy.

(1510 8th St E)

Okay, this is a funny one – imagine eating a veggie burger the size of a gorilla’s clenched fist except there are TV’s on everywhere and you can draw on the table with crayons because dammit life doesn’t offer enough distractions as it is.

Prairie Harvest
(2917 Early Dr)

Quasi-ironically, one of the best veg-burgers in the city comes from a restaurant that’s raved about by slobbering carnivores. Whatever, who cares what you think bacon breath. Also, this place has a fantastic outdoor balcony for when it’s sunny and nice out.

Rook & Raven
(154 2 Ave S)

The Rook & Raven’s chickpea and lentil burger is crumbly but delicious. If you’ve ate at the Yard & Flagon (which shares the same owners) you know what to expect. Sort of. It’s familiar-tasting but goes a little bit further than standard pub fare. Also, goes great with a pint or two or three.

Prairie Ink
(3130 8th St)

Located in McNally Robinson bookstore, Prairie Ink serves a tasty black bean veggie burger that you can spruce up with some nice cheese or avocado. A bit crumbly and lacks fries as an option for a side, but being able to browse for books before or after your meal really makes the experience.

City Hospital
(701 Queen Street)

To be honest, we are still investigating this one. We stumbled across this lil black bean beauty by accident. Rumour has it that they are homemade… in Regina? In any case, they taste like cumin and are cheap like borscht, which is great because the hospital cafeteria doesn’t usually have borscht.

Burger King
(find it yourself)

Since when did mediocrity start passing for excellence? Probably when it’s 2 am and everything else is closed and you’re too drunk to care and too lazy to make it yourself. But really, the BK veggie burger isn’t that bad, especially compared to back in the day when the non-meat version was a Whopper Junior heavy all and hold the meat. Did we ever actually do that? Sigh…

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