More new music from Saskatoon that you should listen to right now

The Best New Music of Sask. 2015 Edition continues…

Here are nine new releases from Saskatoon-based bands. They are all pretty good and you should probably listen to them all right now.

Okay… go!


The Faps – Hot Slaw

On their latest EP, confuse-o-core duo The Faps continue on their bizarre tirade of making some of Saskatoon’s strangest punk rock. Jumpy rhythms propel mean, meandering guitar licks like a psychedelic walk in a park on a hot apocalyptic evening. No idea what the hell they are singing about, but this EP contains some of our favourite album artwork we’ve seen in a while.


Autopilot – Desert Dreams

Seemingly inhabited by ghostly cries, shimmering guitar layers and dusty architecture, Saskatoon power-pop trio Autopilot’s latest single “Battles” – taken from their upcoming album Desert Dreams – is a fierce, surging song to drift away to. Amidst a driving drum march, vocalist Marlon Harder leaves an intriguing and mysterious imprint that’s both energetic and blissful.


Cookin’ with Grandma – You Are Driving Me Insane (But You Don’t Have Your Licence)

Amidst pinballs of self-deprecation, Cookin’ with Grandma deliver a bouncy pop gem that’s a tad sloppy, a tad aggressive, but tonnes-of-fun pop-punk. Self-described as “sad bullshit?” Mostly hardly. Here’s hopin’ to hear more from this Saskatoon duo.


The Avulsions – Two song demo

Apparently some people were confused about the whole Phalec Baldwin name-change debacle. Rest assured that The Avulsions – featuring the same line-up as PB – are an entirely different beast despite sharing similar affinities and afflictions. On their debut EP, the trio melds dark rhythms and jangle-guitar melodies to create some unlikely pop charms.


Myles and the Blanks – If you’re listening to these covers it’s too late

Somewhere in-between maintaining a rigourous live gig schedule and moshing at punk shows, local folk dude Myles and the Blanks found the time to record and release a 13-track album filled with cover songs. Whoa. Raw, rollicking and a whole lot of knee-slapping fun, some of the juiciest cuts are those where Myles takes a few liberties – the Springsteen cover anchored by the banjo immediately comes to mind. But Myles also takes on a few songs from Saskatoon artists as well: both DFA and Filthy Senoritas have been given the Blanks treatment.


Arms Up – Do You Wanna Have Kids?

Here’s a group we haven’t heard of in a long time – Arms Up have dropped a track that oozes sunshine pop amidst the slightest sheen of psychedelia with a bit of meandering introspection thrown in for good measure. So does this mean that there’s more a-comin’?


The Classy Chassys – Rebel Heart

Like a spitfire hotrod rock, The Classy Chassys take the best parts of rockabilly – fuzz, five-speed and sideburns – and combine them all to make one hell of a rock and roll dance party. Singalong to the sneering veneer, pull up your kneesocks and jerk those crazy limbs sharply – Rebel Heart is pure fun.


The Bad Decisions – Come to Me

A polite medley of varied influences, The Bad Decisions combine the velvet sounds of the ’70s, along with an impressive cast of singers, without sounding like four different bands at once. Lots of creeping rock guitar work, along with a few scorching solos, anchor down a album that’s equal parts slacker sentiment and party rock skeeze box social. Which is actually a major accomplishment.


Herd of Wasters – Asshole of Southern Alberta

Snappy punk rock that’s sure to leave a blister, Herd of Wasters’ Asshole of Southern Alberta is a short, buzzy EP that’s a snorting, stomping compendium of snark and snot. But there’s a nice layer of melody throughout that makes me think these guys are probably total teddy bears underneath the layers of patches and denim.