MoSoFest Schedule

MoSo: Festival & Conference Photo Essay

MoSo rocks Saskatoon’s tech and music scenes and we have proof!

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out our freshly posted MoSoFest review!

We’ve crushed our hangovers and finally got around to importing the hundreds of photos off of our cameras. Stay tuned tomorrow for our thoughts on the whole MoSo experience, but for now please enjoy this collection of our best photos and some videos from our secret patio party!

Day One

MoSoConf Registration
Conference registration

Darren HailesSaul Colt
Conference speakers Darren of WestJet and Saul Colt of FreshBooks

MoSoConf CartoonistMoSoConf Cartoon
Live cartoon drawings of MoSoConf speakers

Smokekiller & Jen Lane

Eamon McGrathDavid Carroll
Eamon McGrath and musician and conference speaker David Carroll

Perish of Little Clifton
Perish of Little Clifton

VaeroSlow Down, Molasses
Vaero and Slow Down, Molasses

Teen Daze
Teen Daze

Day Two

Jonas Woost
Conference speaker Jonas Woost of CBC Music

Noodlecake HouseSuper Stickman Golf Tournament
Noodlecake’s conference after-party and Super Stickman Golf tournament

Bry Webb
Bry Webb

Arms UpJeans Boots
Arms Up and Jeans Boots

EyebatsBurning Love
Eyebats and Burning Love

MoSoFest Crowd
Ominocity editor gets face melted in MoSoFest crowd

Shotgun Jimmie
Shotgun Jimmie

Ian Blurton & Junior Pantherz
Ian Blurton & Junior Pantherz

Day Three

Noodlecake BBQ
Noodlecake programmer/burger flipper

Perish of Little CliftonTeen Daze
Perish of Little Clifton and Teen Daze at the rooftop Noodlecake BBQ

Ominocity Patio Party CrowdOminocity Patio Party Crowd
Crowd at the Ominocity Patio Party

Alex Stooshinoff
Alex Stooshinoff of Optimistik

Mitch Lysak
Mitch Lysak of Volcanoless in Canada rocking the Ominocity secret show

Karpinka BrothersShuyler Jansen
Karpinka Brothers and Shuyler Jansen

MoSoFest Crowd
MoSoFest fans at the Refinery

Damien Jurado
Damien Jurado

Seahags and Economics

Powder Blue
Powder Blue

BA Johnston
BA Johnston after stripping off his three sweaters

Doug HoyerKetamines
Doug Hoyer at Amigos and Ketamines (joined by BA) at The Fez

The Dudes
The Dudes

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