MoSoFest Secret Show - Mitch from Volcanoless in Canada

MoSoFest Secret Show: Review

Mitch Lysak of Volcanoless in Canada plays Secret MoSo show

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out our freshly posted MoSoFest review and photo essay!

Ominocity hosted a secret afternoon MoSoFest party on Saturday, June 16 at Amigos Cantina, which featured Mitch Lysak of Volcanoless in Canada and Alex Stooshinoff of Optimystic.

While it pretty much goes without saying that MoSo was a massive success – and believe me you we are definitely going to have something to say on that subject soon – Ominocity is proud to be a part of the festival. In fact, it seemed like the entire city was abuzz as performers took to impromptu stages around Saskatoon. Waking up for it all, however, was another question.

Having finally peeled myself out of bed with remnants of the rager the night before strewn around my room – socks, empty bottles, pizza boxes, a handful of pennies, ginch and, weirdly enough, some savoury bakery-fresh loaves of bread, I wandered down to the Second Ave Lofts for the Noodlecake patio BBQ, which featured Teen Daze and Parish of Little Clifton.

The patio scenery, which includes much of the skyline of downtown Saskatoon, free beer and Arlin of Noodlecake burn burger and burger on the BBQ, was the perfect setting for a MoSo party.

Unfortunately, sometimes when a party is good it means you miss out on another party. Really would have loved to have seen Snailhouse at Broadway Shoe Repair or Andy Shauf at Luna and Hill. However, Ominocity had our own party to throw, so maybe next time.

Ominocity contributor Brandon Mack was gracious and savvy enough to take some videos while the rest of us guzzled caesars and beer.