Terry Mattson of Junior Pantherz

Terry Mattson of Junior Pantherz: Review

Local rock front man moonlights as solo artist

Terry Mattson, front man of Saskatoon’s Junior Pantherz, has released a solo album entitled One-Way Glass. According to Mattson, the album was recorded on a basement 4-track, with the first run of CD’s being limited to 18 copies.

Containing a mix of genres and Mattson’s collective influences, album opener “Back Alley Mistake” could easily have been found on a JPZ release, combining fuzzed-out tones mixed liberally with some psych-rock meandering. The next song segues appropriately into the synth-y stomp of “Out On Your Own”.


Strangely enough, the instrumental interludes are typically the most striking pieces – a clear contrast from Mattson’s work in the oft-riff heavy Pantherz. However, Mattson’s voice is a dead giveaway, and no Pantherz fan should be left wanting after even a quick listen.

Although he likely won’t be playing anything from One-Way Glass, you can catch Mattson at MoSoFest on Friday, June 15 at Amigos Cantina as part of the Junior Pantherz, who are acting as Ian Blurton’s backing band.


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