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Ominocity’s Guide to MoSo: Where Technology (MoSoConf) and Music (MoSoFest) Collide

Local conference merges technology and music as multi-venue festival

MoSoFest and MoSoConf, a music and tech festival respectively, begins June 14 and runs until June 16.

Under the MoSo name, entire communities have been brought together with the purpose of sharing ideas via speakers, musicians and artists. Part of the idea is that Saskatoon has gone through some amazing transformations in the past few years, and that the city harbours a vast wealth of talent.

MoSo aims to bring that talent to the rest of the world.

Amazingly, the MoSo Conference has long sold out, and will be occurring Thursday and Friday at the University of Saskatchewan. Among some of the bigger names speaking at the conference are Julien Smith, Saul Colt, Dave Carroll, Duncan Stewart and Darren Hailes.

For a full list of speakers and schedule, check out the MoSoConf page HERE.

The MoSo Festival, however, has brought together a diverse collection of local and internationally renown artists in a multitude of venues across Saskatoon. Together, both MoSoConf and MoSoFest explore the possibilities of using social media as a means of both promoting and celebrating the arts and new ideas.

Also, the partaking of many beverages.

Expect plenty of coverage from Ominocity on both sides of MoSo, including photo and video essays and festival diaries.

Ominocity’s MoSoFest picks

It should go without saying that audience members should be taking full advantage of the multi-venue festival experience. Unfortunately, you ain’t going to see everyone.

However, with some strategic planning, you should be able to catch quite a bit of it. Here is a partial list of some performers that we here at Ominocity plan on catching.

Ian Blurton w/ the Junior Pantherz – Friday 12:30, Amigos


At last year’s Sled Island appearance at the Palomino, Blurton and C’Mon pretty much gave the performance of lifetime – which was kind of appropriate since they have broken up now. However, seeing the bearded Blurton backed by locals the Junior Pantherz is kind of some next level shit, especially for Saskatoon.


Burning Love – Friday 11:15, Amigos

Burning Love, a recent signing to Southern Lord records, is pretty much one of our favourite hardcore punk bands of all time. Front man Chris Colohan typically does something insane at every show I’ve ever seen them play – last time, opening for Boston’s Doomriders, Colohan swung from the rafters and climbed to the second story of the bar, all without missing a note. Well, scream.

Bry Webb – Friday 8:45, Broadway Theatre

The Constantines were one of those bands that toured through Saskatoon so many times you thought you would always have a chance to see them. Not so, it turns out. However, Cons front man Bry Webb has transformed himself into a responsible young adult and a hugely respected songwriter to boot. Seeing him play in a theatre setting is likely an opportunity not to be missed!


The Dudes, Saturday 1:00, The Fez

The dudes

You may not have guessed it from their name, but Calgary’s The Dudes are always a fun time. Total bro-rock that doesn’t flex muscles so much as riffs.


Teen Daze, Thursday 12:00, Louis

teen daze moso

The headliner of the first night of MoSo Festival, Teen Daze aims to bring a total wicked electro dance party, which could be a little dangerous considering most people either have mo’ MoSo-ing to go to the next morning. Or work. Which I may not go to. Because I’ll be tired. From dancing. Yes. Dancing.


Make sure to check out MoSoFest’s schedule of all of other performers HERE.

How to get the most out of your MoSoFest experience

If you’ve never been to a multi-venue, inner city music festival like Sled Island or SXSW before, check out Ominocity’s Beginners Guide to MoSoFest and Multi-Venue Festivals.

MoSo has just released their festival schedule so we recommend that you purchase a festival pass and download a copy of the festival schedule to save on your phone.

MoSoFest ScheduleMoSoFest Schedule

All shows on Thursday are located at Louis’ while everything on Friday and Saturday is happening at select venues on Broadway which are all walking distance from each other.

If you aren’t able to make it out for the entire festival or only want to attend select shows, all MoSoFest shows are $10 at the door except for concerts at the Broadway Theatre which are $15.

Also, if you are a cell phone user (ummm…) don’t forget to download MoSo’s app. Check out the handy video below for detailed instructions.

Ominocity Top Secret MoSo Patio Party

Also, don’t forget that Ominocity is hosting a top secret patio party at Amigos from 3:30-4:30pm on Saturday, June 16th. Attendance is free for all and heartthrob Mitch Lysak (of Volcanoless in Canada) will be performing.

Expect lots of music, a zany tech talk, chugging beers and, just maybe, a super surprise special guest will drop by and play a song or two!

Please see our Facebook event for more information and to RSVP.

Ominocity's Top Secret MoSoFest Patio Party