Best of 2011

Top Articles of 2011

Reform Party Download
Saskatoon band the Reform Party gave us their debut EP for a free exclusive download with the hopes that they would get 500 downloads in the first two weeks – they got that in the first day. Download the Reform Party EP HERE.

DIY Sex Robot
Proof that once again putting the words “Sex” and “Robot” together in a web article is a surefire way of capitalizing on Google search engine hits that have nothing to do with a local music blog.

Rdio Review
Little known fact: If you sign up for Rdio through the Ominocity review we get a tiny pittance of money that goes towards paying bills, starching our ties and keeping Ryan’s cat’s fur coat nice and glossy throughout the winter.

Sheepdogs Internet Debacle or I Don’t Know
Any guesses on how the Sheepdogs are going to piss off the citizenry of Saskatoon in 2012?

Pissing on the Prairies Show Review
“Forget all those other times I’ve said this, and I know I’ve said this,” said Shooting Guns drummer Jim Ginther. “This is definitely the drunkest I have ever been.”

The Two Twenty Review
At the grand opening of The Two Twenty office spaces, located in heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon, smartly dressed musicians minced with sueded-out bohemian types, artists, poets, journalists and lion tamers. Truth.

Quitters Club Review
An amazing local punk band that doesn’t nearly play as often as they should. And they should.

The Itch of Life Tour Diaries
“We spend two-and-a-half hours recording Eleanor and Zachary jamming and singing together, as well as two new songs she had written about the death of her husband, Johnnie. I sit in the next room where she’s being recorded straight to analogue tape and listen to her through headphones. She plunks away on an out-of-tune piano and mourns, ‘I’m not lonely… just so alone.’ Sadder country songs do not exist.”

Sleeveless Summer Tour Diaries
During 2011 my life sort of went down the shitter for a little while and a bunch of people got to read about it. In hindsight I really, really shouldn’t have asked that girl to marry me but she said no so everything worked out, right?

Aunty Panty Video
Another post that gets lots of traffic from the Google pervert set and not people expecting to see a really whip-ass local queer punk band. Which is too bad because Aunty Panty the band are a lot more fun than aunty panty the porn.