The Itch of Life

The Itch of Life: Thirty-One Days of Elation, Denial, Loneliness and General Hubbub

The Itch of Life


I’m hesitant, yet excited to finally reveal something that has been six weeks in the making – my tour diaries.  Reading these entries over several times in the editing process has been completely mentally and emotionally exhausting.  As much as my month on the road with Zachary Lucky & His Prairie Pals is a treasured experience and something I will forever recall with fondness, it wasn’t without its ups and downs.  That much is apparent.  If anything, this is a documentation of humanity and an exploration of fallibility.  Hopefully you can empathize.

Thanks to Chrix Morix for asking me to write these diaries and offering his thoughtful advice.  Though our fluttering friendship, he has been ever-supportive and encouraging as I slowly learn how to find my voice in writing.

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— Aaron Soulz