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Reform PartyHot dog! The kind boys in Reform Party have given us their debut tracks to share on Ominocity before they drop anywhere else!

Guitarist Levi Soulodre met veteran hip hop artist Kay the Aquanaut while providing live instrumentation for Factor on Side Road Records tracks with fellow Volcanoless in Canada bandmate Enver Hampton.

“In early January of this year we played a Rage Against The Machine cover set at Louis’ for the Carnival of Solidarity and the chemistry was so amazing that we decided to progress and become Reform Party and start writing original music.”

“We discovered that there’s this incredible hip hop scene in Saskatoon that we weren’t really familiar with coming from more the punk / indie rock side of town”, exclaims Soulodre. “We really discovered a true connection in not only being able to make music together but also in our philosophies about music and politics.”

You can catch Reform Party rocking their new tracks at the Back to School gig at Louis’ on Saturday, September 10th.

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[audio: Party/Reform Party – The Cables.mp3, Party/Reform Party – Eros.mp3, Party/Reform Party – Thirty-Nine.mp3|titles=The Cables,Eros,Thirty-Nine]

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