What to do in Saskatoon: Kay the Aquanaut, Trixie Mattel, Taste of Saskatchewan July 16 - 23, 2018

Kay the Aquanaut, SoSo, Tia, Nolto, SCPR AK and guests

Friends. Rap. Pizza. Future friends. Pinball. Moving parts. This Friday at the Black Cat Tavern is a super dope hip-hop show featuring some super dope people making super dope sounds.

Trixie Mattel – Now With Moving Parts Tour

How much does Saskatoon love Trixie? Apparently a whole lot, because this Sunday performance at the Broadway Theatre has been sold out for some time. Probably because the folk-drag superstar from RuPaul’s Drag Race is known for being amazingly entertaining, with a show that combines plenty of singing and stand-up comedy. Got tickets to spare anyone?

Seaway w/ Living With Lions & Bearings

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Come to Amigos for some shit hot rock. Also, there is a patio and burritos and beer, so you know you wanna.

Ness Creek Festival

No glowsticks? No problem. Ness Creek, a three-day festival of music, dancing and loafing in a campground, is gearing up for another weekend. Taking place at a site about 240 kilometres north of Saskatoon, this year’s fest includes The Sadies, Hooded Fang and so much more. BUT NO GLOWING, PLEASE.

Taste of Saskatchewan

Food outdoors? Wood chips galore? Tonnes of bands playing in the background? This annual event, situated in scenic downtown Saskatoon, attempts to mash up the best of our city’s culinary scene with the whimsy of eating next to the Bessborough. Yup.