What to do in Saskatoon: Baby Cages, Cloven Hand, Gateway Festival July 23 - 30, 2018

Baby Cages, Dorothea Paas and Lip Slackers

A haunting waltz of indie-rock schlock, Toronto’s Baby Cages are a darkly ruminating exercise in melody and off-kilter pop gems. Also, do come early and check out locals Lip Slackers, who are the pervasive mood of 2018 and beyond. This Thursday at the Black Cat Tavern.

Gateway Festival: Big Sugar, Kentucky Headhunters, Steven Page and more

Situated in the southern-most reaches of Saskatchewan, Gateway Festival has proven to be a destination for music lovers year after year. Combining big name festival acts with some of the province’s finest local musicians, the event is a sunny, family-friendly party atmosphere that doesn’t skimp on the small-town charm. Aside from the music, the town of Bengough comes alive with pool parties, vintage shopping and more. Come for the Big Sugar, stay for the Big Muddy.

Black Tremor, Lavagoat and Cloven Hand

All sorts of heavy, but not all at once. This show brings together some of Saskatoon’s weightiest of hitters, including the slide doom of Black Tremor, this Friday at the Black Cat Tavern. Come bang your head, but not too hard, please.

Petunia & The Vipers

Also back to Amigos this Friday is a man named Petunia and a band named after a particularly seedy type of snake. See what I did there?

Amy Helm w/ Anna Haverstock

Need a mid-week boost? Then check out Amigos on Wednesday for the country roots-rock stylings of Amy Helm, along with local opener Anna Haverstock. You could probably bang your head at this show as well, if you really wanted to. Maybe? I dunno.