Jale Grand Closing

Pick of the Weekend: Jale Grand Closing

Although Vive’s all ages space, the ominously-titled Jale, is shutting down, the Saskatoon-based promoters aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Vive founders Rich Taylor and Phil Greer, along with a literal army of handsome volunteers, are already planning for the future. Taylor speculates that this will include shows in alternative venues – the Roxy Theatre has already been chosen to host Chad VanGaalen and Karkwa – in addition to finding a new all ages venue.

Tellingly, it just wouldn’t be a Vive show without some ridiculous, over-the-top eviction party.

This weekend, Jale will be hosting a literal fuck-load of bands – no word yet on if members of the public will actually be able to fit in the small-ish venue.

The Schedule!

3:00 DJ Shakey Wilson
4:00 The Karpinka Brothers
4:30 The Sea Hags
5:00 The Shakey Elevators
6:00 Skit Skit performance
6:15 Breaker Breaker
6:45 Before and Apace
7:15 Adolyne
8:00 Miss Daily
8:30 Paper Beat Scissors
9:00 Tovah
9:30 Zombifyus
10:00 Form
10:30 Whiskey Face
11:15 Knar
11:45 Pirate Fridays
12:15 Mehta
12:45 Feral Children

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