The Quitters Club - Full Bangs

The Quitters Club – Full Bangs Review

The Quitters ClubI’m not a confident lover. Or a good one. I need constant reassurance. And it’s more than a little sad that I need to be reminded that I still have a fat pocket full of lust for punk rock.

Thankfully for bed-sissies like me, Saskatoon’s The Quitters Club are total rock studs with a penchant for melodic punk with plenty of energy and teenage-esque rage.

Even better, the group’s combined technical prowess is enough to make most rock-hacks rethink their own playing, let alone ever strumming a 12-bar blues progression again.

And with their debut EP entitled Full Bangs, The Quitters Club are already coming out with all cannons blazing. But as guitarist Adam Lealos is quick to point out, the group is still in its pubescent stages despite the already well-endowed riffs.

“The initial intent for starting the band was to simply jam and play music,” says Lealos. “I had copious amounts of material adding up over the years, despite not playing in any projects. Yet I was still continually writing.”

“When it came down to jam I simply threw what I had on the table whether it was full songs, pieces from other songs or simply taking the chord structure and finding new timing. Once a song or two was being played throughout the band, the reigns of sole creative control were dropped and given to everyone in the band.”

Despite not having a plan to conquer the rest of Canada anytime soon – Lealos admits that the group isn’t in “any rush to get anywhere at the moment” – The Quitters Club are regardless a welcome addition to Saskatoon’s roster of punk bands. It’s especially refreshing to hear a band that obviously puts a lot of importance on melody that doesn’t sound like a big sack of balls-less wussies. Here’s hoping they continue to write songs that are both hard-hitting and toe-tappingly catchy.

“I believe the intent amongst everyone in the band is to remain insight with what’s happening with the band today, as opposed to a few months from now,” says Lealos. “We’ll take it as it comes, but with open arms and an eager approach.”

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