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Ten things to look forward to at MoSo 2015

If you aren’t already stoked for MoSo, well, then you can just go and get stoked right now.

It’s almost time for that most magical time of the year.

MoSo, Saskatoon’s mobile and social media conference and music festival, is getting ready to launch right now. Events start today, with official showcases rolling out on Thursday until Sunday.

Get ready to get ready. And then get stoked.

Here are ten reasons why we are looking forward to this year’s MoSo:


1. Some of our favourite touring bands are playing

It takes some strategic planning, but if you plan just right you can see everything.

On Thursday we are hoping to take in a combination of Deerhoof, Limblifter and Open Mike Eagle, which is a lotta hustle for a week night. Friday’s must-see schedule includes Rae Spoon, the Famines, Library Voices and Swervedriver. While on Saturday we are most looking forward to Cancer Bats, Faith Healer and the Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart project. Sunday? If you’re still on your feet, make sure to check out Son Lux. See you in the pit!

2. Some of our favourite local bands are playing

Yeah, there are a lot of them. So many, in fact, that we aren’t gonna bother listing the 30 or so names of the Saskatoon and Regina bands that we plan on cramming into our tight lil schedules. So instead we are going to give you a full run down post-fest of the best shit that went down. Deal? Deal.

3. Pizza

What’s better than pizza? Probably pizza and beer. But I bet you could make that better by adding some bands as well. Also, if it’s free. CFCR and MoSo will be hosting A PIZZA PARTY.. WITH BANDS.. FOR FREE on Saturday, June 20, from 2pm until 5pm at Vangelis. In addition to the headliners (it’s the pizza, you dingaling!), you can also check out The Avulsions, Edmonton’s Tee-Tahs and Montreal’s Beat Cops. Also, pizza.

MoSo Food Truck Alley

4. Food Truck Alley

Everyone loves food trucks. EVERYONE! Featuring Scout Mex Hall & Food Truck, Ace Burger YXE, Rebel Melt and more, the MoSo Food Truck Alley aims to roll all your snacking and music watching into one neat little package. Check out the schedule online HERE!

5. Elk’s Lodge

Ever wonder what goes on in the mysterious Elk’s Lodge just off Broadway? This purple-painted hall will be open during MoSo, and will be hosting several shows. Located at 508 12th Street East, this venue will now host the Shooting Guns rager banger and the Seahags barn dance kick-em-up. Check out the ch-ch-changes here.

6. The MoSo Poster Show

Make sure to drop by Museo on Broadway this week. MoSo is excited to present the first ever Fine Art Poster Sale & Show! There will be 3 copies of each art poster available for sale – 13×19″ digital prints on a high quality Premium Luster paper, each piece signed by the artist. The show features the work of 16 artists, for each MoSo show.

MoSo Conference

7. Conference Speakers

In case you were wondering, here are some of the conference speakers we are likely going to check out: WIRED Magazine’s Dylan Otto Boelte, Christopher Doyle of Twitter, Martha Patzer on how Obama won with email, marketing pro Saul Colt of Xero, Jennifer Sullivan on bands and brands, Famines vocalist Raymond Biesinger on the hobbization of commercial arts and the WolfCop social media case study. See the schedule for details on all the lectures!

8. Free Roughriders CEO Talk

All things that are free are good, right? Especially when it comes to a conference. Riders CEO Craig Reynolds will be giving us some insight into what makes our beloved green and white-clad football ruffians tick in the digital world. Sounds like a go!

9. Marketplace Pitches

You have one minute to pitch your business to the audience. Remember that time you were all messed up on the couch at 3am on a Tuesday and you thought about how you could make good money swapping dirty gitch for clean ones on the Internet? Now is the time to make your millions, young moneybags.

10. Beerbeerbeer

Did you know that the founders of Ominocity are now certified to fake their way through a DJ set? This Saturday, join us for Ominocity’s BeerBeerBeer MoSo DJ Party at the Hose and Hydrant. Want to stop by for a quick drink and then head off to the festival? We can sell you a cup of beer for $2. Want to PartyPartyParty? Stick around and drink from 7-9 for $10 while the beer lasts. We’ll be spinning the latest bangers should you feel the need to get your early-evening speaker dancing on. RSVP now!