Ominocity’s Top 13 Photos of 2013

Local jerks once again manage to take a couple of decent photos

Fun fact: When you start taking pictures with a professional camera – instead of your phone – your work starts looking a lot better.


Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: West Bend: Photo Essay

According to the Saskatchewan Census, West Bend once had a population of 25 in 1981. But those days are long done. By 1996 the town was down to seven inhabitants. Fast-forward to 2013 and the most action you’ll see in West Bend are those who come to pick up their mail at the PO box that lies amongst the ruins. Otherwise the town barely exists, either on maps or in the physical sense.
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Detroit, you are lovely but you’ve got some problems: Photo Essay

The first thing you notice about Detroit are the buildings. Those glittery monuments to Americana stretch and yawn towards lolling clouds while others seem to buckle and wrinkle under their own weight. It’s awe-inspiring, but when you are looking face to face with the very real decline of western civilization it’s also more than a little terrifying. What can you do, I guess.
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limblifter gateway3

Limblifter return to Saskatchewan after eight year absence: Interview, Photo Essay

It’s Friday evening at the Gateway Festival in Bengough. The sun is setting in the next field over, and a moderately-sized crowd has gathered to watch Limblifter launch into the song “Ariel vs. Lotus” from their album Bellaclava. It’s been at least eight years since the Vancouver-based four-piece has played in their native province of Saskatchewan. Despite the absenteeism, there are lots of people singing along. And dancing.
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Flood waters take their toll on Sled Island and the city of Calgary

On Friday, June 21, 2013, morning the city woke up to flooded streets and power outages. The worst had just hit Calgary. And it was heartbreaking.
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omfest photobooth

OMFEST 2: Photo Booth Review

People love photo booths – think of them as hipster catnip. In any case, they always make for a fun add-on for any party. Especially when you can see everyone getting progressively more drunk and sloppy. Thanks once again to everyone who came and rocked out at OMFEST 2.
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I Lost Half My Toe In A Lawnmower Accident: Photo

I was 5-years-old when I stuck my foot in a lawnmower. I don’t remember why exactly, but I suspect that toddler me presumed my shoe would stop the blade. It didn’t. Instead it sliced off the bottom half of my left big toe.
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metric saskatoon

We Were Lovers, Data Romance and Metric bring the dance party: Sask Jazz Fest 2013: Review, Photo Essay

The first time Metric played in Saskatoon was at Louis’ back in 2003, when they opened for Hot Hot Heat and The Unicorns. Relatively unknown, the four-piece blew everyone else off the stage – and that’s saying a lot considering the other bands. Since then, Metric has grown into one of Can-rock’s most ambitious “indie” bands, never again to be seen on a small stage. And while their show is far more dialed in and less spontaneous – the backing tracks pumping through the PA during their set at the Sask Jazz Festival was mildly distracting – the group consistently puts out a danceable set filled with Emily Haines-centric hits.
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weakerthans saskatoon

MoSoFest 2013 Photo Essay

MoSo 2013: Here’s to future nostalgia!
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k bros ness creek

Ness Creek Diaries 2013

When we hit Prince Albert National Park we knew we made a wrong turn somewhere. But with some creative navigating through a maze of dodgy roads we found our way back to the highway and had a good laugh as we read the directions on Ness Creek’s website: “Approximately 5 km out of SHELLBROOK, turn LEFT onto HWY 55. This is the turn most often missed, so watch for it carefully! You are now going North-West.” Oops.
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New York City is okay, I guess: Photo Essay

The first thing you notice about New York is the traffic. Congested snarls of vehicles inch and ooze through every available corridor while a flurry of horns punctuate the air like staccato blasts of seagull annoyance. It’s completely maddening – how do people live like this, I wonder. How exactly does the world’s most important city function when everyone and everything seems to be running in a perpetual state of truancy?
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sheepdogs saskatoon red bull

The Sheepdogs rock hometown crowd: Review

You might be one of the many people who RSVP’d for free Sheepdogs tickets for the Red Bull Tour Bus Hometown Tour. Which means you might wonder why you bothered slinging over your precious personal information needlessly. No one actually needed a ticket for the show – the entire spectacle was free for anyone who happened to wander by. Apparently with free rock shows comes great advertising… and a caffeinated sugar buzz if you want one.
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photo (3)

Kids Throw Away the Darnedest Things: Photo Essay

Scenes of Saskatoon: April 28 – May 4
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photo 1

Baba’s Perogies is Saskatoon’s Best Fast Food Restaurant: Review

The rumours are true. Tucked away in the mysterious recesses of the city’s north end industrial (720B 51st Street East) is one of Saskatoon’s best fast food restaurants, Baba’s Perogies. It’s not really a better way to get borscht. It’s more like a lazy way. But it’s still a brilliant idea, second only to the drive-thru liquor store in Prince Albert. But, even better, it’s a way of getting a hand made, home cooked meal without having to resort to actually learning how to cook something complicated and delicious.
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