Baba’s Perogies is Saskatoon’s Best Fast Food Restaurant: Review

Drive-thru borscht is a brilliant idea second only to drive-thru booze

There is something magical about perogies.

And not just because they are the perfect cure for a hangover. I mean, they actually are the perfect cure for a hangover. With a slightly greasy exterior, a pillowy potato interior along with a side of pickled cabbage, you’ll be dredged back up from the shame gutter and drinking afternoon tequila in no time.

But it’s also the weird nostalgia factor.

Perogies, cabbage rolls and borscht was probably the best part of my childhood. And getting to eat them every day as an adult makes me feel like the rich popular kid who always got everything they wanted.

Apparently happiness is just a fat dollop of sour cream atop a mound of fried onions.

And being able to get them all in a drive-thru seems like a dream come true.

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The rumours are true. Tucked away in the mysterious recesses of the city’s north end industrial (720B 51st Street East) is one of Saskatoon’s best fast food restaurants, Baba’s Perogies.

It’s not really a better way to get borscht. It’s more like a lazy way. But it’s still a brilliant idea, second only to the drive-thru liquor store in Prince Albert.

But, even better, it’s a way of getting a hand made, home cooked meal without having to resort to actually learning how to cook something complicated and delicious.

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