Lydia’s Pub the latest Saskatoon bar to shut its doors

Long-running live music venue closes its doors

Lydia’s Pub, a live music venue and long-renowned fixture on Broadway, closed its doors on Monday, July 29.

EDITOR’S NOTE – Click HERE for updated information on the closure of Lydia’s, including memories of the venue.

The venue made this official announcement via Facebook:

There’s not much to say, or more to the point, there’s very little that can help dismiss or wish away the news that everyone is posting about. But it is true. Lydia’s has closed it’s doors, and it it’s been a good, long run. Trying to answer anyone’s questions about explanations for the reasons is going to be futile. There are no immediate answers, and in the best possible way, all that can be said is there were a lot of good times, and we’d like to be remembered as that place where good times were had. Thanks, everyone. You all made it happen.

Numerous local and touring acts had played at the bar over the course of its existence, including those who played the recent Metal Monday nights.

Lydia’s also hosted the wildly popular Tonight It’s Poetry series, and events such as MoSoFest and the Ness Creek Music Festival auditions.

Total bummer – Lydia’s, you will be missed.

lydia's closed

Already there is a flood of responses on social media sites.

Lepps, another Saskatoon bar and venue, also recently closed up shop. You can read about that HERE.

– Special thanks to Pete Garden for the “Lydia’s Closed” photo. Featured photo courtesy of Lydia’s Pub Facebook.