Band Swap 7

Band Swap 7: Video Review

Local musicians raise money for charity with sold out event

This year’s Band Swap was the best Band Swap ever.

We say that every year, but still.

Event organizer Alison Whelen estimates that this year’s Band Swap, which sold out once again, brought in a total of $4500, which will be donated to the Crisis Nursery and Str8 Up.

For those sad sacks who have yet to experience a Band Swap, the event essentially gathers 35 local musicians, who form new bands and are assigned cover songs picked from a hat. Everyone has 24 hours to practice before publicly butchering a set of classic tunes. The proceeds of the evening are then donated to a charitable cause.

This year’s highlights include MC Darren Miller’s various antics, Shakey Wilson submitting an unsolicited high kick on stage and hundreds of people singing along to a cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie”.

Ominocity would like to extend a huge thank you to the wicked awesome organizers of Band Swap and everyone who contributed to make the evening a huge success.

Anyone else already thinking of cover songs for next year?