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Ominocity’s Twelve Best Photos of 2012

Local bloggers manage to take a couple of decent photos

Fun fact: one of the reasons Ominocity was founded was to get those cool photo passes at big shows. Which meant we had to learn how to use a camera that wasn’t an iPhone.

Similarly, we have some really amazing friends that help us out with making this site look pretty: huge shout outs to our contributors for this article, including Dana Durell, Jade Bugera, Raisa Pezderic, Joanna Graves and April Nechvatel. Thanks buds.

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Propagandhi returns to Saskatoon: Video Review

Despite their set heavily favouring their latest, and possibly greatest, album Failed States, Propagandhi played songs from every era of their career. Highlights included “Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch” from How To Clean Everything and “Nation States…” from Less Talk, More Rock.

victoria bridge saskatoon

Ominocity’s Farewell Letter to the Traffic Bridge

Even though the bridge was decrepit and closed to traffic – cruel irony considering its original name – it did make for an exceptional place to go have a quiet outdoorsy beer, a secret cigarette or a wet kiss on the cheek. Even in near death it was the best bridge in Saskatoon.

k bros parking day

Saskatoon Park(ing) Day Recap: Photos & Video

There was no shortage of criticisms leading up to the event, but Saskatoon’s Park(ing) Day clearly presented an alternative festival that celebrated building sustainable, creative streets that promoted quality of life, business and investment.

hold fast punk

Punk Rock Volleyball: Video Review

“The show was an absolute success in terms of providing the Louis’ Beach Volleyball League members a great party on Saturday, as well as giving local bands and fans a place to hang out and have fun on a hot weekend afternoon,” says organizer Dan Smolinski. “I think the exposure and buzz was great and that’s what’s really important to the bands.”

wake ride saskatoon

WakeRide 2012 Photo Essay

Running from July 6 to July 8, WakeRide packed Saskatoon’s Victoria Park with people looking to enjoy the sun, the sports and the shirtless. This event gets better every year, and donates a chunk of change to local charities.

Sask Jazz Fest - Janelle Monae

Saskatchewan Jazz Festival 2012: Weekend Review

I’ve always appreciated how the Jazz Fest brings out a great variety of people to their shows. The audience is a mixture of hipsters, older folk who opt to sit in lawn chairs, plenty of girls in make up and, for some reason, a lot of people wearing sunglasses even though it isn’t sunny out anymore.

saskatoon ex 1

Ominocity’s Guide to Carnies: Interview

“Walking around a dark fair ground is creepy, especially when you can hear the rustling and mumbling of intoxicated carnies. There were occasional run-ins which would result in some very creepy, clumsy and desperate attempts to get me to go share a beer or two with a stereotypical carnie in his trailer.”

Saskatoon Blitz!: Taco Man vs Darth Maul

Saskatoon Blitz! Review: The Adventures of Taco Man and Dana the Hulk at Comic Con

“I brought the taco suit with me, but I’m at least four drinks away from putting it on.”

Reform Party

OMFEST in Review: Band Photos

The bands rocked hard at OMFEST as seen in the photos captured by photographer Raisa Pezderic. Big thanks to the bands and our photographers for making last weekend such an amazing time!

Robsart 6

Ghost Town, Saskatchewan

Every time I find myself out in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan I ask myself this question: “What the fuck am I doing with my life?”

omfest tattoo

OMFEST in Review: Photo Booth

True talk: build a photo booth and they will come.

MoSoFest Secret Show - Mitch from Volcanoless in Canada

MoSo: Festival & Conference Photo Essay

MoSo can be summed up by running up and down the streets in a wild huff, cigarettes dangling off parched lips and pocket beers swaying dangerously, attempting to take in everything and while simultaneously missing out on something else.