Ominocity’s Guide to Doomsday Partying

Usher in the Apocalypse with all night partying

On Dec. 31, 1999, groups of people around the world gathered with the intention of ushering in the New Year. To do so, they required a plethora of booze and snacks – fairly standard stuff in terms of what everybody else was doing at that particular time.

That particular New Years Eve was different however. In addition to pretzels and Uncle Peter’s homemade wine syrup, revelers had also stocked up on canned goods, flashlights, batteries and even gas-powered generators.

Y2K man. Nobody could say with any certainty what exactly was going to happen. Would planes fall out of the sky as predicted? Would nuclear missiles fire off randomly? Or, even worse, would my Timex watch suddenly cease functioning?

The media had done an excellent job of spreading Y2K paranoia and fear. But that didn’t mean we weren’t going to face Armageddon without being belligerently drunk.

While nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012, whether the world will erupt in a cataclysmic fiery ball of end times or if it’s going to be your standard Friday, there are plenty of things to go out and do on the eve of the supposed Mayan doomsday.

In other words, just because everyone might die doesn’t mean you have an excuse to stay home and not support your local music scene.

Ominocity’s Guide to Doomsday Partying

Saskatoon demolition punks Ultimate Power Duo are optimistically preparing for doomsday with the vinyl release for their album Maximum UPD at Lydia’s. Opening the show is Pandas in Japan.

Or you could dance at the Armageddon costume party happening at Amigos, featuring sets from Slow Down Molasses, Moonbahn, DJ soso and a video performance curated by Videonomicon.

The Graham Tilsley Group will be ushering in the end of everything at Vangelis. Ryan Holaday will be opening the ushering of the end of everything.

The Saskatoon Fireside Singers will be presenting their 40th Anniversary of Christmas Memories at TCU Place. If for some reason the world doesn’t end you can catch them the next day as well.

If you want to leave this world with a smile on your face and a shake in your booty then check out The Fez, who will be hosting a Tribute to Motown.

On the other hand it might be way more appropriate to listen to some old-timey banjo music care of The Hard Ramblers to usher in the imminent cataclysm. Catch them at The Bassment along with the Whiskey Jerks.

One Bad Son will be ripping it up at Buds on Broadway while a series of meteors will be ripping apart the earth. Appropriate!

Enjoy the comforts of the Freehouse and the antics of DJ Charly Hustle while faces, and society, disintegrate around you.

Rumour has it that you can catch L.O.R.D. Funk at Somewhere Else Bar and Grill shortly before catching the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Prairie Ink Restaurant will be hosting the folk acoustic stylings of Ian Martens while the earth will be hosting its own demise.

302 Lounge will be giving away a trip to Mexico during their End Of The World Party. Which is silly because Mexico, and everything else, won’t exist after the 21st. Shortsighted!

-Photo taken from Flickr user “크리쓰” – Creative Commons.