fiction submissions

Ominocity now accepting works of fiction

You asked for it.

Ominocity is now accepting fiction submissions. We are currently looking for local writers who have an abundance of homeless short stories.

Email editor at ominocity dot com with any questions, queries or quandaries.

Submission Guidelines

1. Get acquainted with Ominocity. Don’t fire off a story without reading a few of our articles first – we like subversive stories that are dirty, funny, informative or whatever. Indeed.

2. Keep it short and sweet. No novels. Blog posts are meant to be a light read, not cataract magnets.

3. Edit thyself. No unfinished, typo-ridden pieces please.

4. No poetry. There is a really amazing venue for poetry in Saskatoon and they do good work – go check out our good buds Tonight It’s Poetry at Lydia’s every Sunday.

5. Any art or picture you have would be neat. But if you don’t have any then Ominocity can supply you with some visuals as long as you don’t mind a faint element of surprise.

6. Submit a bio and any relevant links along with your story. Otherwise we get to make up a hilarious pen name for you.