What to do in Saskatoon: Blessed, Ritornello, Radiation Flowers

Blessed, Maris and Acre Thrills

Blessed are back and they brought a new album! Entitled Salt, this lil dude is a methodic exercise in rhythmic control with just a bit of bounce. Also, make sure to come early because there are two new-ish local bands who each ooze cool in their own special way. This Friday at the Saskatoon Skatepark.

Ritornello 2019

Your favourite local chamber music festival is back. This year’s annual Ritornello Festival features violinist Véronique Mathieu, HYPERCUBE new music ensemble and more. Taking place this weekend.

Radiation Flowers and Sex Geckos

Y’all like CFCR 90.5 FM, right? Got your membership card? Check! Come wrap-up CFCR’s annual membership drive with The Radiation Flowers and The Sex Geckos, this Saturday at Amigos Cantina.

Light Terrors

LIGHT TERRORS is a recurring mobile expanded cinema series, an evening of experimental audio-visual performances by a loose collective of some of Winnipeg’s foremost contemporary moving image makers. This Saturday at PAVED.

Dead Quiet and Lavagoat

Who here likes their music loud and sludgey? Because that’s all you’re gonna get at this here heavy shindig, this Sunday at the Black Cat Tavern.