What to do in Saskatoon: Wintersleep, Dilly Dally, Gone Cosmic

Wintersleep and Partner

Wintersleep: Still pretty, pretty, pretty good. Also, Partner totally rips and worth the ticket price alone. But stay for Wintersleep because c’mon already! This Thursday at the Capitol Music Club.

Dilly Dally and Chastity

Yeah, sure this is happening on a Monday, but, trust us, Dilly Dally is worth seeing any old day of the week. We aren’t sure what the best day is to see Chastity however, but it’s probably a Monday. Which is great, because that’s when this show is happening, at Amigos.

Gone Cosmic and Cloven Hand

Cloven Hand are back, and they are supporting a “pyrophonic soulcore” band called Gone Cosmic. Which we think is the cat’s ass. This Friday at Amigos.

Hot Garbage and Shirley & The Pyramids

Is it a long weekend? I don’t even know anymore. But what I do know is that Hot Garbage have a great name, and they probably sound as great as they… err… sound? Also, Shirley & The Pyramids, so hot damn! This Sunday at Amigos.

Ancient Greens, Hierocliffs, Kathrina Band and 3 Moonjask

Ancient Greens’ first full length album “Special Envelope” is being released on cassette so everybody dance now! This Saturday at Paved Arts.