What to do in Saskatoon: Amalie Atkins and respectfulchild, Bobpril and Record Fair

Amalie Atkins and respectfulchild

Get ready for this doozy: respectfulchild will be joined by members of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra in presenting the live musical accompaniment to Amalie Atkins and The Diamond Eye Assembly. This Friday at the Remai Modern.

Bobpril 8: Xembryos, Mr. Awesome, Jared and Lunatic Touch

Your favourite birthday party show tradition continues with a bunch of bands that bring the punk back to rock. This Saturday at the Black Cat Tavern.

CFCR and Amigos Record Fair

Do you like records? Do you like nachos? Come to Amigos this Sunday and you can buy some cool records. And then have some nachos. Also, you are supporting CFCR so that’s a cool thing too.

Pkew Pkew Pkew and Swayze

Catchy fun something somethings grace the Black Cat with their collective presence this Wednesday, plus some local music-making people are gonna be there too.

Electric Six

Back again. Yup. Saturday at Amigos.