What to do in Saskatoon: Turn Out with Parab Poet, The Classy Chassys, Megan Lane July 2 - 9, 2018

Ready for more live music post-Sask Jazz Fest? You bet you are!

Turn Out with Charly Hustle and Parab Poet

The upcoming edition of the Turn Out event at the Remai Modern aims to bring hip-hop music via Charly Hustle and Parab Poet to the deck overlooking the river. This Friday’s forecast calls for party! (And hopefully not rain, which probably means still party, less deck.)

The Classy Chassys (Stray Cats Tribute set) with Smokekiller

Speaking of party, remember the Stray Cats? Because The Classy Chassys sure do! Presumably we will all get a chance to dance to songs like “Rock This Town” and “Stray Cat” strut while wearing our finest, cheapest leather jackets this Saturday at the Capitol.

Shirley & the Pyramids, Veneer And Anna And Monika

Hazy times this Thursday at the Black Cat Tavern: Shirley & the Pyramids, who you may remember from their album release show at Nightshirt, will be heading up this show along with super cool kids Veneer and Anna and Monika. Super!

Megan Lane

What’s better than seeing a dinner and show type event with Megan Lane this Thursday at the Capitol? Seeing a dinner and show type event with Megan Lane this Thursday at the Capitol that’s free!

Skaravan 1969 with DBQ

Ska! Is there any more thrilling word when it comes to describing rock music genres? Maybe, but Skaravan 1969 is betting so, and will be bringing the skank (that’s the dance moves, yo!) to Amigos this Friday.