Our 5 favourite restaurants and pubs in Saskatoon for solitary eats and drinks

There’s nothing wrong with eating a meal at restaurant by yourself.

That said, some places are definitely better suited to solo dining than others – there’s nothing worse than sitting at a giant table by yourself in a busy, bustling eatery while impatient patrons stare hungrily at your meal. Eeep.

Here are a few of our picks for some bars and restaurants that we hang out in when we are out for a solitary meal.

The Cave

Sure, it’s a family restaurant, but the best place to hide out really is a dimly-lit hidey-hole – especially one that serves up some seriously tasty pizza. The Cave has been around for as long as we can remember, and it’s still fun to chill in the Goblin’s Den. Not the best place to catch up on your reading, and you’ll probably annoy everyone in the next grotto over if you spend an extended amount of time on your phone, but it’s definitely a great atmosphere for all your broody needs. After all, Batman was more or less a loner, and he hung out in a cave…

Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe

On the flip side of things, if you are craving all things fancy and nimble, Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe is one of those rare gems where you can feel at home with a cup of coffee, a delicate pastry, a pen and a fist full of scribbles. The atmosphere is bright and welcoming – almost like you wandered into a distant relative’s pantry, except you don’t have to chat with anyone if you’re not in the mood.

The Rook & Raven

A downtown pub with lots of chill and people avoiding their co-workers. The meals are typically served quickly and there’s plenty of seating for those of us who like to throw a few pieces of paper around with the laptop, grunt furiously, and pretend that we are actually working when really we just wanna roll back home and crawl back into bed for some solo snoozy times.


Not sure if it’s the wonderful aroma of homemade soups or the many nooks and crannies to hunker down in, but D’Lish is one of the better cafes in Saskatoon to settle down in and get lost in a book and/or some seriously introverted thoughts. There are plenty of teas and coffees – and boozy drinks – to choose from, but the real sizzle here is the seating arrangements that range from corner hideouts to cozy armchairs to barstools with a view of the world passing by. Romance for one, please!

The Yard and Flagon

If you can nab one of those corner seats at the tiny tables next to the partitions, the Yard and Flagon makes for a glorious semi-private space in the middle of bustling pub. It’s the next best thing to cloak of invisibility, which makes it the perfect for stuffing your face into one of those massive poutines – especially when you come alone and you don’t feel like sharing. Also, there’s wifi for those of us who just want to grab some me-time with our Moon Burger and our malt whiskey.

– Photo courtesy of Flickr user spyrospapaspyropoulos, Creative Commons