REVIEW: Five reasons why I went to see Alvvays instead of being old and lame

Also, five reasons why I am old and lame

It can be a real struggle to go out sometimes, never mind the whole chore of putting on pants. And I like pants.

But sometimes you have one of those moments where you know you’ll kick yourself if you decide to go to bed early and miss out on everything that is fun and awesome.

So it was with heavy feet and eyelids that I dragged myself out to Amigos Tuesday night to see Toronto wunderkids Alvvays bring the noise. Despite having to hit the snooze bar more than once this morning, I’m pleased that I did: the show was great.

Five reasons why I went to see Alvvays instead of being old and lame:

Alvvays put out one of my favourite albums of 2014: Bittersweet with a hint of lament, Toronto indie-pop quintet Alvvays has crafted a debut album that captures the jubilant spark of youth just before it begins to flicker. Plus it makes you want to dance, so that’s a-okay.

Alvvays put on a good live performance: Their last show in Saskatoon opening for hardpunks Fucked Up was fun and delivered technically well but with a teaspoon of bewilderment on the side. This time around was a whole new ballgame though – the quintet have developed into icy-cold supervillains capable of levelling entire venues with an array of power chords at their disposal.

Alvvays play all hits: No stinkers here, nary a one.

They bring the party: There was a lot of people there for what singer Molly Rankin described as a “weird Tuesday.” Glad no one else was on the fence about this.

Alvvays have funny merch: I really hope someone here bought that TV dinner shirt.


Five reasons why I went home early during Alvvays:

Because I work a day job and was tired: Yeah, sorry about that. I needed a modicum of sleep still. But I didn’t go home to watch Netflix because fuck Netflix and fuck all the dumb shows you people tell me I “have” to watch.

Because beer: When you are old and lame even a couple of beer is sometimes too many beer.

Because I had to use the bathroom: True, Amigos has a perfectly fine bathroom, and an exquisite alley. But sometimes you need the support and stability that only home base can provide.

Because I’ve seen Alvvays twice already this year: Not necessarily a reason to go home early and wiener out, especially considering how good the show was, but I felt very comfortable leaving Amigos knowing I wasn’t going to miss anything that I hadn’t already seen. Unless a riot broke out…

Because they seem like such nice people and I imagine they will come back: Please?

PS – Sorry to openers Sun Club that I didn’t mention you until now. You seemed like you were really on to something but I only saw the last song. You should also come back sometime.